We had a party and tweeted about it: Westword #WebAwards winners!

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Best Use of Social Media by a Sports Team: Denver Nuggets
Social media is about hustle as much as it is about clever tweets or timely Facebook news. The Denver Nuggets strategy seems to work in time with its on-court play. Run by Movement Strategy, the Nuggets on Facebook and Twitter keep in touch with fans, with only a slight filter that makes you think its run by a PR firm.
Nominees: Denver Browns, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rapids.

Best Denver Ski/Snow Twitter Account: @ColoradoSkiUSA, aka Colorado Ski Country.
With 22 member resorts, CSCUSA is the heart, soul and voice of Colorado's ski industry, happily tweeted to you by Jenn.

Best Resort Site/Social Media Presence : Loveland Ski Area,
@LovelandSkiArea on Twitter.
With video and pics, and snow updates daily, skiers who head to Loveland will know what to expect, and if they're not going, they still know what's going on on the hill.
Nominees: Vail, Eldora.

Best Tweet of the Year: http://twitter.com/sugarcollider/statuses/9760975297
The tweet: The way I will describe Internet to my kids and/or 72 cats someday is 'It's like microfiche and tapeworms had radioactive babies'
"The year 2010 will be remembered as the year we all got creeped out by the Internet. We tell strangers where we are, what we're doing and then walk to the movie theater to watch movies about popular websites. This tweet sums up just how terrifying the web is."

Best Facebook Status Update of the Year: http://www.facebook.com/charleslpayne/posts/902583618133
The status update: Just read that 70 million of our hard earned American hours are spent playing FarmVille every week. Could this be the recession?
"Everyone is worried about FarmVille. We all know someone who plays it, but no one knows why. This status update demonstrates its uncanny power: FarmVille will ruin us all."

Best Shameless Self-Promoter: Waylon Lewis -- @elephantjournal
"No one works harder than Waylon Lewis when it comes to slipping links into your lunch. The man is a driven communicator and would ordinarily be exiled from the state, but his vehicle of expression (Elephant Journal) actually wants to save the world. Elephantine exemption!"
Nominees: Adam Leech, Andrew Hudson, Carissa Passerella, David Booker, Erika Napoletano, John Baxter, Leah Charney, Patricia Sommer, Peter Black.

Best Twitterer: Aimee Giese -- @greeblemonkey
"Aimee blends photography, maternal anecdotes, biting social media savvy, bespectacled sass and a cute-as-a-button avatar to create one of Denver's most entertaining, informing and valuable Twitter accounts. Click follow -- you'll rub your tummy with satisfaction."

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