50 reasons we're glad we live in Denver and not the United States

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Denver, how we love you.
The morning after election day, the author R.L. Stine tweeted, "I'm so glad I live in New York City and not in the United States." It's a sentiment we appreciate except for one thing: We'd much rather live in Denver than either New York City or the United States.

During the daily hustle and bustle (especially this time of year), we sometimes forget to stop and think about how lucky we are to call the Mile High City home. So we asked Westword staffers to tell us what they love most about D-town. Our top fifty is below. Bet the list will put a smile on Denverties -- and fill the rest of you with envy. But you can always visit...

50. What other city has a blue, badass horse of the apocalypse greeting people at the airport...

49. ...Which just happens to have inspired conspiracy theories even the-world-is-going-to-end-in-2012 believers probably think are twisted?

48. Dive bars galore.

47. Even terrorists who live here would rather attack somewhere else...

46. We're only a short drive away from historic gambling towns -- where you can still gamble.

45. The town hero isn't ready to let the football team go down without a fight.

44. There are plenty of attractive, available people who are fit enough to do anything you can imagine -- if you're consenting adults, that is.

43. The shit-stompin' National Western Stock Show and Rodeo!

42. Pimped-out pedicabs!

41. If Lindsay Lohan violates her parole, we know it before anyone.

40. Every day is like the Great American Beer Festival.

39. Home of Tom Cat condoms.

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Gary Manning
Gary Manning

btw Cleveland is one of the top ten most dangerous cities in the U.S. and Denver is much safer than Cleveland.

Gary Manning
Gary Manning

I do not know why I left Denver in 1999, But the crime in Cleveland could make Denver as safe as one of Cleveland's largest suburbs (Parma). I'm home sick for Denver since I left Denver.

Dawn Marie Duncan
Dawn Marie Duncan

Fantastic. I live in Fort Collins, but spend plenty of time in Denver----this was great


whoa whoa whoa.... Colorado Native here. Love the CO but can attest that it has no claim on green chile. That's all New Mexico territory :)

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