Commerce City is dead end for dueling decorations: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

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Dueling Snowmen Reunion.jpg
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The photograph above features a decorative dead end in the Reunion subdivision of Commerce City. The center of the picture looks out into the future of planned suburban expansion. Until then, the nearly identical homes face off in a duel of nearly identical holiday decorations. Below, Santa Homer goes head to head with Christmas Coke...

Santa Homer and Christmas Coke Commerce City Kenny Be Westword Blog.jpg
Holiday 2010: Santa Homer goes head to head with Christmas Coca-Cola.

The holiday decorations pictured above would seem more appropriate for a shopping mall, but their commercial appeal is oddly befitting for a suburb named Commerce City. The Coca-Cola snow globe features small styrofoam pellets blown from a hole in the bottle cap.

Static electricity causes the pellets to stick to the bottle and roll down its sides like water condensation on a frosty cold Coke bottle on a warm summer day. Move over, baby Jesus: Standing in the empty street before this softly hissing wonder is truly a religious experience. All across this newer suburban subdivision, the most modern faith and the Charlie Browniest holiday decorations are all filled with hot air...

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