Top 5 face-and-neck tattoo mug shots of 2010

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jacob joseph medina mug shot cropped small.JPG
More photos below.
We're building to our list of 2010's top mug shots by highlighting photos from specific categories. For instance, we recently shared the top 20 women's mug shots of 2010. And today, we're admiring arrestees whose booking photos feature some sweet ink -- including Jacob Joseph Medina, seen here, who has the word "Fuck" over one eye (we've included a closeup). See other finalists below, and click their names to check out our original posts.

brian bonsall mug shot.jpg
Brian Bonsall.

jacob joseph medina mug shot.jpg
Jacob Joseph Medina.

jacob joseph medina photo eye closeup.jpg
Closeup of Medina's tattoo.

james chavez mug shot.JPG
James Chavez.

walter bond mug shot.JPG
Walter Bond.

Rodriguez, Craig 07251980.jpg
Craig Anthony Rodriguez.
More from our Colorado Crimes archive: "Colorado's top 100 most wanted sex offenders: A mug shot gallery."

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