Reader: Chris Romer deserves to be Shmuck of the Decade

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Chris Romer, the readers' shmuck
Where there's smoke, there's ire! Last year at this time, state senator Chris Romer was gearing up to push a measure through the Colorado Legislature that would get Colorado's booming medical marijuana industry under control -- and as thanks, our readers have just voted him Shmuck of the Year (the editorial choice was Scott McInnis). This comment from Robert is just a sample of the sentiment that pushed Romer over the top:

Congratulations, Scott and Chris!

Both major parties are grooming the schmucks who will become the mis-governors and mis-representatives of tomorrow.

In a year, Chris Romer will be a major contender for Schmuck of the (first) Decade (of the twenty-first century) for his tireless work last year to undermine the voters' decision at the end of the Twentieth Century to legalize medical cannabis.

As for McInnis, the plagiarist and elder abuser was the clear editorial choice. When he was caught for his copycat "Musings on Water," the then-Republican gubernatorial candidate should have manned up and taken responsibility, not tossed an 82-year-old former friend under the bus.

For more of our cannabis coverage -- including many stories about Chris Romer -- read our Marijuana archives. We promise that Scott McInnis will never plagiarize any of these stories.

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PATTY, Let's call it as it really is. This man is nothing more than a greasy lying politician lost in a world of visions of grandeur. I find I have to wipe my hand every time I shake his. Tsk, tsk, tsk. On the front lines our terminal and indigent patients, even with help legislatively provided, are suffering & in much worst shape than previous to HB1284 and SB109. History will show!


Chris "Schmuck of the Year" Romer - This award is something to write home about. Winning as a write in candidate is something special. Cherish the moment... its only once a year you can win such a fitting title.



In your response you concede that 1284 contains "many flaws", which points do you consider to be the most unjust or misguided?

Joel Judd
Joel Judd

Patty, while I have not decided which Mayoral candidate I will support, I did vote for HB 10-1284, the Medical Marijuana Regulation bill. It imposes a modicum of order on an out of control, wild west, conspicuously commercialized activity. That singular virtue outweighs the bill’s many flaws. While Chris is likewise as flawed as any of us, his sponsorship of marijuana regulation is a singular virtue.

High Country Caregiver
High Country Caregiver

The even bigger schmucks are all the people who paid thousands into his farse! Want to buy and island? Want to sell dope? Give Chris Romer and the DOR all your money


Soon-to-be-ex-Rep. Judd is completely typical of our supposed supporters in the Establishment -- someone who claims to support ending Prohibition, but who never stood up for the principle or sponsored appropriate legislation (do correct this unresearched assertion if there is any evidence to the contrary). Dispensaries were not "out of control, wild west" prior to the passage of SB109 and HB1284 just because the D.O.R. wasn't bearing down on them (and the employment of those hackneyed phrases clearly identify Judd as one of the Denver Post's dupes); these inoffensive businesses had just started to pay sales tax per Suthers' determination that they should, and they continue to engage in a "conspicuously commercialized activity" distributing marijuana for the General Assembly.

As someone intimately involved in the debate and a constituent, I tried to meet with Rep. Judd during the legislative session, but he chose not to respond to repeated requests by phone and e-mail. Finally I spotted him passing the Old Supreme Court Chambers as one of the hearings was on. I hailed him and remonstrated that he had not responded to my request to meet to discuss the bills. "Well, you're meeting with me now!" was his reply. Perceiving that I was not to be afforded a chance to discuss them in depth, I asked whether we could count on his opposition to these unconstitutional bills -- Judd said, with great emphasis: "We are going to regulate medical marijuana -- do you understand?". I was dumbfounded by his insulting demeanor and contempt for a constituent whose opinions he had not even heard, so I did not respond. Judd repeated himself exactly, whereupon I said that I did not understand. Judd then indicated that there must be something wrong with me -- this was the entirety of my attempted reasoned exchange with my State Representative on the subject of regulating medical cannabis. I resolved to campaign for his opponent then and there.

I next encountered Judd during the Pridefest Parade. I called out to the crowd that he did not communicate with constituents (inarguably true in my own case, at least). Judd approached me yelling: "Hey! Why are you saying that about me?", as he jabbed his fingers into my chest. I filed a criminal complaint of assault against Judd. Judd lied in response, asserting that he had tapped me on the shoulder (a patent falsehood; one could hardly imagine that I wasn't watching him), and rubberstamp Morrissey declined to prosecute. It may be true that, as he implied, there was uncertainty that Judd would be convicted, but it is definitely true that Denver is a town in which a politician can poke a constituent in broad daylight in the midst of an enormous crowd and get away with it -- I suppose I should feel lucky I wasn't arrested.

We are in danger of having panderers like Romer, Judd, and an incompetent media falsify history: from their warped perspective, the Colorado General Assembly boldly moved to legitimize medical cannabis last year, but this is not true. The People of Colorado voted to end the prohibition of medical cannabis in 2000. After the passage of the enabling legislation in 2001, media and the Establishment did their utmost to ignore the issue until the growth in the population of patients and the advent of dispensaries made that impossible. Last year, the General Assembly voted to abrogate the letter and the spirit of Article XVIII, Section 14 of our Constitution, trampling on the rights of patients, and attempting to nullify the rights of caregivers, for the stated purpose of (among other nefarious goals) closing 80% of dispensaries. The breathtaking contempt the General Assembly displayed for our Constitution, the extent to which its agenda was driven by prohibitionist scum in law enforcement (despite their pretended opposition to HB1284), and the overwhelmingly reactionary impetus represented by its obsession with medical cannabis even as critical fiscal problems loomed have combined to make me distrust the judgement of the General Assembly in general and to doubt its ability to govern. The party of which I have been a member all my life especially disgraced itself on this issue -- Democrats saw nothing wrong with creating a giant new arm of the DOR and authorizing the hiring of 110 new full-time employees to superintend the dismantling (by means both of regulatory action and criminal indictment) of dispensaries. It is past time for anyone who wants to be considered either a conservative or a progressive to clearly oppose the War on Americans. Rep. Judd, Sen. Romer, and most of our supposed representatives oppose the will of the People, so they have got to go. It is ridiculous and contemptible that we see even the likes of Sarah Palin expressing rational thoughts about reforming our laws against cannabis while Colorado Democrats continue to stand with the Prohibitionists. Support for SB109 and HB1284 is unacceptable to patients and caregivers, and contrary to the interests of all Coloradans.

Robert ChaseColorado Coalition for Patients and Caregivers(720) 213-6497

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