Andrew Terry gets murder charge after crushing Thornton cop's foot, trying to run down officer

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Big pic below.
Andrew Terry's a frontrunner to appear in our next roundup of memorable mug shots. He's been formally charged with attempted first-degree murder and more for a December 28 rampage in which he allegedly ran over an officer's foot before attempting to commit vehicular homicide. Look below for more information and a larger photo showing off Terry's flyaway hair and neck tattoo.

According to a release from the 17th Judicial District DA's office, which covers Adams and Broomfield counties, the pursuit of Terry began in a Walmart parking lot, where he's said to have run over a Thornton cop's foot before leading police on a brief chase that reportedly targeted one officer trying to block his escape.

He's not going anywhere now. Here are the details:

andrew terry mug shot.jpg
Andrew Terry.
Seventeenth Judicial District DA's office release:

Man Charged in Police Chase Incident

Adams/Broomfield county District Attorney, Don Quick, announced the filing of charges against a man in connection with an incident that involved a police chase that began Thornton, Colorado.

Andrew Terry (dob: 11/24/1975) was charged with Attempt to Commit First Degree Murder (F2), First Degree Assault (F3), Second Degree Assault (F4), Criminal Mischief (4), and Vehicular Eluding (F5).

On December 28 at approximately 7:15 PM Thornton Police responded to a Walmart store parking lot at 7101 E. 128th Ave. on the report of an intoxicated driver. It had also been reported that the vehicle had been driving recklessly at 128th and Holly almost causing an accident. A Thornton Police Officer approached the suspect vehicle in the parking lot and observed Terry entering the vehicle on the driver's side. The officer commanded Terry to stop and get out of the truck. Terry slammed the door and sped off at a high rate of speed. As Terry fled, he ran over the officer's foot with his vehicle.

After a vehicle pursuit, law enforcement was able to stop the truck briefly but Terry regained control. Terry then drove his truck toward a law enforcement officer standing in the road and the officer shot at the vehicle. Terry continued fleeing but was stopped by Colorado State Patrol at the 9700 block of Steele Street.

Terry was advised of charges [Tuesday] afternoon and is scheduled to appear in Adams County District Court on January 25, 1:30 PM for a preliminary hearing.

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"After a vehicle pursuit, law enforcement was able to stop the truck briefly but Terry regained control." -- an interesting, but ultimately unsatisfying sentence

I'm not saying that Mr. Terry is not a very bad man, nor am I saying that he did not intend to kill the officer, but when people are in panic, they do have a diminshed capacity to reason. Officers should not place their persons directly in front of vehicles being driven by felony suspects in any event. Perhaps Mr. Terry is rightly charged, perhaps his alleged intended victim should be reprimanded for reckless conduct.


I went to school with mr terry.. this is such a typical behavior pattern for him.. he's a bone head..he was probably voted most likely to do just .... andrew.. that's what you


Fuck you Antcaranda, he didn't deserve that sentence. He shouldn't have to die in prison! He never killed anyone. Nor did he actually try to. Those fucking cops just had to cover their asses and say he tried to because they used deadly force on an unarmed dui suspect.


People make mistakes, yer just mad he took yer lunch money every day and slaped u arround.

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