Brett Reese and Laura Boggs, school board members, just can't control their crazy lately

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Brett Reese
Last year, Westword profiled Andrea Merida, a Denver Public Schools board member who caused a stir in 2009 when she had herself secretly sworn in. Last year, a few voters tried to recall her after she wrote a negative op-ed about a senate candidate without revealing that she was working for his opponent. But Merida is tame compared to two other school board members: Greeley's Brett Reese, a gun-totin' MLK-hater, and Jeffco's Laura Boggs, a classroom-crashin' grant threatener.

Reese may win the Crazy Award for repeatedly broadcasting attacks on Martin Luther King, Jr. on his radio station. According to the Greeley Tribune, Reese has vowed to read, twice a day, a letter he received from a listener three years ago that calls King a sexual degenerate, a Communist and "a modern-day "plastic god." Not nice, Reese. And not true.

But Boggs is a close second. Her crazy seems to be all over the map: from allegedly calling school stupid to reportedly crashing a union bargaining meeting and being censured by the board after she threatened to undermine a $32.8 million district grant. Her antics were so worrisome that the teacher's union started a newsletter called Boggs Watch.

So rest easy, DPS. And be glad Boggs and Reese don't live in Denver.

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I laughed out loud when I heard Reese justify his repeated parrotting of an ignorant listener's letter as based on Reese's belief in "journalism". Please, please Mr. Reese, read aloud the journal of Ted Kaczynski, or better yet, the journal of Travis Bickle. One journal is as good as another, and those are certainly worthy of airtime.

"Some day a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets."


Reese is just parrotting the FBI disinformation about MLK. MLK did have extramarital affairs while intoning Baptist homilies -- that does make him more than a bit of a hypocrite. He also achieved his doctoral degree through plagiarism. Neither of these facts have much to do with or detract from his courageous stand against segregation at the cost of his life or his achievements in civil rights. So Greeley thinks it's OK to elect a wingnut ignoramus to its school board; somehow, I am not surprised.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Harvey, great take. We're going to make it an upcoming Comment of the Day. Congrats, and thanks for reading and posting.

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