Reader: Brett Reese can't really think his Martin Luther King Jr. hate is journalism, can he?

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Brett Reese.
A recent Melanie Asmar post spotlighted Greeley school board member Brett Reese's fondness for a letter claiming Martin Luther King Jr. was a sexual degenerate, a Communist and a modern-day "plastic god" prompted laughter from one reader.

Of course, there's nothing funny about such hate speech, as our commenter makes clear.

Harvey writes:

I laughed out loud when I heard Reese justify his repeated parrotting of an ignorant listener's letter as based on Reese's belief in "journalism". Please, please Mr. Reese, read aloud the journal of Ted Kaczynski, or better yet, the journal of Travis Bickle. One journal is as good as another, and those are certainly worthy of airtime.

"Some day a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets."

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Holy cow, has this guy stirred up a shitstorm or what?

I googled Reese this morning and what do you know, a rival conservative Greeley radio station manager hss filed a temporary restraining order against him. And, as if that isn't enough, this idiot's actions have resulted in the Sheriff's dept. revoking his concealed carry permit until the restraining order goes to court.

You gotta wonder if this is now just some comic sideshow, orchestrated for ratings, modeled after sarah palin's antics.

But, as with palin, the implications could be ominous.

Obviously the down side of ignoring this moron is that if he's as nuts as he comes off as, he's a danger to the school board members, the guy he threatened, and Weld County in general.

And as if the Weld County and Greeley police and other law enforcement people don't have enough on their plates already, now they have to cater to this asshole.

One thing's for sure. Reese's freak show is bringing every goober, every birther, second amendment psycho and all sorts of other right wing extremists out from their holes..

A zealot that goes by the pen name of "jack minor" is a columnist for the Greeley Gazette. After reading a few of his columns, one can understand a little better how Reese's antics have gotten traction up there.

Minor's rantings have the Arizona shooter as "left wing", citing the guy as reading from Marx and Hitler. One was left, the other was right, but minor picks left.

In another odd column, minor, who bills himself as retired JAG, defends Greeley native Terrence Lakin's birther excuse for cowardice in refusing orders by standing by Lakin's refusal on birther grounds.

Where do you start with that one?

Is it the water up there?




every right wing extremist out from under


We're way past the point where someone with this screwball's history can be simply passed off as harmless or just goofy.

Running his mouth about "coming armed to meetings" is a warning sign that needs to be heeded.

If Tucson showed us anything, it's that hate speech can indeed lead to heinous acts, and this goof is going out of his way to warn society.......about himself.

Harvey's right that at first blush Reese seems comical and worthy of scorn, but the deeper implication is that he's a whole lot more dangerous than that.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Another very sharp post, Eric. Thanks for sharing it.


Brett Reese is simply executing his right to free speech, and his right to legally carry a firearm. If you do not believe a person should have these rights, you might consider moving to somewhere else in the world, where you cannot say what is on your mind or defend yourself. You should be ashamed of your comments.

Furthermore, just because Brett Reese doesn't like MLK, does not, by any stretch of logic, make him a racist. You can take issue with an African American, especially a public figure, without being a racist, and I do not think Brett Reese's comments were racist at all. He was talking about character issues, and nothing about the color of MLK's skin.

If you look up what he said about MLK, most of it is true. Look it up on Snopes or other fact checking sites. Does it really matter? Probably not, but Brett Reese is entitled to his opinion.

Jered Widmer
Jered Widmer

@Lucky Reed 57 - how very narrow-minded of you to criticize and condemn that MLK Jr can be recognized for doing positive things, when he beat women. Can you name any prominent person (man or woman) in our American history that has a spotless, pristine background? I very much doubt that. We ALL have shortcomings, make mistakes and err. For you to narrow-mindedly pigeon hole MLK Jr, is hypocritical.

Your nasty tone in your post shows the venom and hate in your life. It is people like you and Brett Reese, that hide behind our American freedoms to convey negative messages and insight more hatred.

People that claim, "Go live in another country if you don't like having these freedoms," have lost the ability to understand how freedoms can be abused to tear apart our nation. When we should truly be using our freedoms (including speech) to build up a stronger, more united country.

Lucky Reed57
Lucky Reed57

As a woman - I want to ask ANYONE - How did we, as America, allow a person who beat women receive the status Martin Luther King Jr has?? This has nothing at all to do with the color of this man's skin.. it has everything to do with who he was, Does not someone's character, integrity and morality mean anything to us anymore? Racism is a pathetic veil to drape over this to cloud the real issues and that is we, America, have held this man of the highest standings and IT'S WRONG. Take anyone in today's society who is known to treat women the way this PIG did... THAT'S RIGHT.. I'm calling Martin Luther King a PIG... and have it made publicly known that he abuses women.. are we really, really going to put him on a pedestal? If so, SHAME ON US. I don't care if HE WAS BLUE - A man who puts hands on a woman is the lowest degenerate that has a chance to breath. And the world should know that this is who this man really was. Let's all revisit this issue in 2027 when the FBI files are openend and for the jerks who are turning this into something it absolutely is not.. KARMA is a WOMAN In case you weren't sure...

I am in totally agreement with JB125 - Thank you Brett Reese for sharing what you know about this man - this pathetic piece of crap of a man ... More people should stand up.


By threatening a shootout, Reese isn't "defending himself". And he just lost the "privilege" of carrying a gun based upon his antics. The warning signs are all there, just like in Laughner's case: a loner, spouting nonsensical rhetoric, paranoid, and arming himself to attend political meetings. He's following Laughner's playbook.

He can say what he wants from his radio station or momma's basement, but when he takes weapons to political meetings to protect himself from "them" instead of involving the police, he's taken it up a notch to mentally ill. My original post was tongue-in-cheek but since Reese has escalated...Eric is right. Reese needs his guns confiscated and a mental health evaluation immediately.


well said. It seems the ones crying "RACIST" are the racist or one of their spineless sympathizers

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