Carmelo Anthony trade: Are Nuggets stalling trade because they want Nets to keep losing?

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Yesterday, we told you that a blockbuster three-team deal to send Nuggets Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups to the New Jersey Nets had hit a roadblock, reportedly because the Nugs wanted the Nets to take relatively new acquisition Al Harrington off their hands, too. But is that the actual reason for the latest delay? Maybe not. One source suggests the Nuggets may be more interested in the Nets continue to blow for as long as possible.

That's the word from the New York Daily News' Stefan Bondy.

At yesterday's practice session, Bondy notes, Anthony implied that he's losing hope of eventually winding up as part of the Knick's lineup, as he's long hoped. "New York is playing well right now. I don't think they're looking at me," he said. "They wouldn't want me to come in there and mess what they have up. That's what I've read."

Of course, this could simply be a ploy on Melo's part to get the Knicks back to the table. But if the club has indeed started to see Anthony as a disruptive element rather than the final piece of the championship puzzle, he could finally be willing to ink a long-term deal with the Nets -- the main thing that's prevented the trade from happening thus far.

So what's the rub now? According to a rival GM who spoke with Bondy, "the Nuggets don't feel the need to pull the trigger until closer to the February 24 trade deadline."

Bondy interprets this rationale like so:

Part of that philosophy is based on the assumption that the Nets (10-27) will continue losing without Anthony, and therefore the 2011 first-round pick the Nuggets receive in the trade will have greater value the longer they wait.

Makes sense to some degree -- but there's a great deal of risk involved in this game outside the game. Given the complications involved in a multi-team transaction, one or more parties could get cold feet during the next six weeks or so, because of injuries to key trade components or many other factors. Moreover, the Nets would likely keep sucking for quite a while after Melo's arrival due to the difficulty he'll likely experience in finding a rhythm with his new teammates. (Example: The Miami Heat early in the season.) And given the NBA's use of a draft lottery, as opposed to a simple worst-picks-first approach, the Nets' pick would fall within a range of slots no matter their final win-loss record.

With that in mind, the Nuggets should make the trade earlier rather than later. It won't be pretty, but it's time to step toward the future rather than continuing to linger in limbo.

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I think Chicago has shut down that trade wit Knicks nad Nets because Melo loving the fact of joining a real young and title contending team I mean who can beat this :While trading Deng for Iguodala is an easier solution for both team's problems, Carmelo Anthony may have his own resolved with some fine tuning. Anthony has expressed his discomfort regarding a trade to Philly, but has spoken highly about Tom Thibodeau's squad. Which may send Taj Gibson wit Iguodala in a three-way trade may be under construction as this article is composed:

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Chicagourban, good points. I've been surprised that Carmelo hasn't seemed more interested in going to the Bulls. Lot of very promising pieces in Chicago...


firts off: don't trade chauncey! he's our franchise player, born and raised in denver! i was pissed when they traded him before. then we got him back. now let the dude stay home. second: f*CK MELLO! get that sucka out of here. I'd trade that pile for a sack of the chronic. i'm so sick of hearing about this whinny punk. he obviously doesn't have what it takes to get the nuggs to the next level. church!

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Thanks for your post, lala. We're going to make it an upcoming Comment of the Day. Congrats.

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