Colorado Teapot Party: Willie Nelson's legalized-pot movement finds a home here

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Move over, Sarah Palin, there's a new grassroots movement afoot: the Teapot Party, a legalization movement founded after everybody's favorite midnight rider, Willie Nelson, was busted in Texas in November for pot possession. In an interview after the arrest, the songwriter noted, "There's the Tea Party. How about the Teapot Party? Our motto: 'We lean a little to the left.'"

Whether or not Willie was serious about launching a new political machine, his devoted fans wasted no time in making his vision come to fruition. The Teapot Party, which is all about supporting candidates who are for legalization and opposing those who are for pot arrests, has tens of thousands of fans on Facebook, and chapters have popped up across the nation.

Not surprisingly, Colorado is quickly becoming a Teapot Party hotbed -- but then, Willie lived here part-time back in the '70s. A Colorado Teapot Party Facebook page, started two months ago, already boasts more than 400 supporters. And there will be a Colorado Teapot Party meetup at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, January 18, at the Gypsy House Cafe, 1279 Marion Street in Denver.

"We are sick of seeing Willie busted," says Michelle LaMay, owner of Cannabis University, the meet-up organizer. "Maybe we will bring some people out of the closet."

People who may already support the movement, which already has many active members. "I am not out to undermine any of the great activist organizations in the state, only to lend support to them," LaMay notes. In fact, there is no set agenda yet for the Teapot Party meeting: no political strategy, no massive organizing plan.

Instead, consider this more of a chill-out session. "We re going to meet up, see what happens, see what people say," says LaMay.

Willie wouldn't want it any other way.

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Gregory D. Mellott
Gregory D. Mellott

As for the name they are giving this poor endeavor, the ~T~ probably doesn't belong on either end.

Gregory D. Mellott
Gregory D. Mellott

Here it comes... I expected this with the Governor we got... Marijuana is already legal for those having a health condition deemed by a doctor as needing it. I lean, frankly, toward getting more control over the ability to obtain alcohol where the person has a history of abusing it. There's talk of a web site giving out the information on drunk drivers to the public. Maybe that's a wise start


Really the question is.... Willie??? Will you write a nice country song for legalization in 2012? If so, let the Teapot party in CO know....

Be our Bob, Willie.


It's a great concept but it currently seems to lack structure and organization. Hopefully this movement grows and improves enough to galvanize a solid base and have some political influence.


I like the idea behind the party, but the name gives me pause: "teapot" is rather too close to "tinpot", and I would rather identify with the radicals destroying tea than the vessel in which it was intended to be brewed. The Right has no monopoly on the Tea Party, and we can form a local, socialist, pro-re-legalization branch. Really, I am in favor of tea (tea drinking is not wiping out the habitat of North American songbirds, unlike coffee addiction) and teapots (teabags are nasty) -- perhaps we could be known as both.


I believe the teapot thing will grow now that the holiday's are over with. We at Let Willie Smoke are trying to spread the word also.

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