Denver Broncos cheerleaders get ready for auditions, Pro Bowl: A photo gallery

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denver broncos cheerleader christina small.JPG
Big pics below.
New Denver Broncos coach John Fox and his staff aren't the only ones getting ready for next season. So, too, are the Broncos cheerleaders. The squad recently posted information about its upcoming April 3 auditions on its Facebook page, along with a slew of new photos that give hopefuls a look at their competitors. Page down to check out a selection of them below -- including shots of Serita Archuleta, chosen by her mates to represent the Broncos at this weekend's Pro Bowl.

Occupation: Paralegal (United States Department of Justice)
Hometown: Denver, CO
Years as DBC: 3

denver broncos cheerleader christina 1.jpg

denver broncos cheerleader christina 2 photo by rob hawthorne.jpg
Photo by Rob Hawthorne

denver broncos cheerleader christina 3.jpg

Occupation: Sporting Events Coord.
Hometown: Lakewood, CO
Years as DBC: 3

denver broncos cheerleader amanda 1.jpg

denver broncos cheerleader amanda 2.jpg

denver broncos cheerleader amanda 3.jpg

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