Jay Cutler trade may set Denver Broncos back five years, Scouts Inc. expert tells ESPN

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Jay Cutler.
A few months back, ESPN's Adam Schefter suggested that the Denver Broncos had bested the Chicago Bears in the Jay Cutler trade. But with the Bears one game from the Super Bowl, that position is growing more unpopular with each passing day.

Indeed, one expert believes the Cutler deal will set the Broncos back five years.

The headline on a new post by ESPN's Bill Williamson -- "Cutler deal was beginning of end for Denver" -- sets the tone for an article that contrasts the Bears' improvement with the Broncos' horrific deterioration. Typical is this quote from Gary Horton of Scout's Inc.:

"This is the type of move that can adversely affect a franchise for five years. There is no question. The Broncos are in much worse shape today than they were the day before they made this trade."

Williamson goes on to detail who the Broncos acquired in the deal -- and while the jury is still out on some of the picks, Horton feels the verdict is likely to come down in the Bears' favor. In his words:

"The Broncos have to hope Tebow is a hit or this franchise will [be] set back for years. You look at Cutler, Brandon Marshall [traded to Miami], Peyton Hillis [traded to Cleveland], Mike Wallace and look at all the missed chances. This could be a very good team. But it's starting over all because of this [Cutler] trade."

I was rooting for the Green Bay Packers to club the Bears this weekend before I read Williamson's piece -- but now I'll be yelling just that much louder.

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One is Orton one is Cutler, based off the stats you sure cant tell the difference, if you had to pick one which one would you pick???

Cutler is average with above average potential, he is in the NFC championship because of his defense and his Off Coordinator. Denver does not miss Cutler, will most likely post a QB over the next 5 years that has equal to or better stats the Cutler will!


Gotta agree with Gmoney on Cutler's play as well.

Mike Martz quarterbacks get physically abused by design. Martz relies on a Joe Namath like release, head on a swilel, and the quick feet posessed by very few because Martz puts maximum people in the pattern. That means instead of 6-8 blockers, a Martz qb typically gets 5-6.

Cutler has improved his game jaw droppingly this year. On the 3rd play against Seattle, he set his feet and delivered an absolute strike to Olsen. His growing up has been something he needed to do and has.

It's hard to prove a negative, but yeah, in light of where Cutler's at now and where this franchise is, any rational person can admit the Broncos definately fragged themselves and the fans on this one.

Bringing up the possibility of Cutler still here, Pouncey at center, the promise of the four unknown players given up for Tebow, as well as the players and the coaches run off still here might be rubbing salt in the wound, but it's fair.

Especially if you're one of the "diehard fans" that actually put your money where your mouth is by purchasing season tickets.

And it's definately the season ticket base that the Bronco organization has let down and owes an apology that will probably never come.

5 years? hard to put a number on it, but that seems fair.


Don't hate on Cutler -- All he's done since he left Denver is proven that he is a franchise quarterback, he takes more sacks than anyone and never blames the o-line, he threw fewer picks than both Manning boys, he has his team in the NFC championship game, and he did it in the first year with Mike Martz - known as having one of the most confusing offensive playbooks to learn.


Five years?? Mr.Ed with his dog and pony show, a burned out head coach, an unproven quarterback, a franchise in total disarray, and two years already gone. Five years??? I think the thin air has gotten to somebody!!

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Interesting breakdown, BroncoJ@KC. Thanks for reading and posting.

Caron Rodgers
Caron Rodgers

cutler's meant to be a chicago qb; he's talented and has the right tone. after having to watch grossman struggle for 3 years, its easy to tell cutler has a good sense of understanding. big game sunday, love being the underdogs. bears.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Gmoney, you make some good arguments, even though it pains me to admit it. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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