Jay Cutler had a small MCL tear: Does that make him a pussy or his critics dumbasses?

Jay Cutler.
Our post yesterday suggesting that Jay Cutler acted like a pussy in the Bears' loss to the Packers on Sunday churned up an emotional debate about whether Sweet Baby Jay is being unfairly pilloried or deserves to be grouped with Steve Bartman among Chicago's greatest sports villains. Here's a sampling of the radically polarized views, with some following reports that he sprained and/or tore his MCL.

Harvey writes:

This just in...the team reports it was an MCL "sprain". Defend that.

Oh wait, Cutler was just trying to prove that he's no Jeff George.

Jeff George never quit on his team.

Guest writes:

You are an effing jerk. Suck my cat.

J$ writes:

MCL Sprain= Pussy.

Matt writes:

Michael Roberts: dumbass.

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