John Elway tweets good luck to Atlanta Falcons after Mike Mularkey cancels Broncos interview

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We cornered these three Denver blog posts.

Mile High Report's Sayre Bedinger notes that new Denver exec John Elway tweeted graciously after Atlanta's Mike Mularkey canceled his Friday interview with the Broncos.

Colorado Education News: A whistleblower speaks.

5280's Michael de Yoanna reports that Saks is leaving Cherry Creek at the same time Dollar General is expanding throughout Colorado. Sign of the times?

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Mularky's cancellation is the first step in the process of realizing that bringing back Mr. Ed is the worst mistake the Broncos have made to date. What head coach in his right mind wants to be told which qb they have to support while taking on a losing team under the cloud of Mr. Ed's aura?

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Strong take, guest. We're going to make it an upcoming Comment of the Day. Congrats, and thanks for reading and sharing your views.

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