John Fox named new Denver Broncos coach: Are you excited or underwhelmed?

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John Fox.
We've got the news straight from the Horse's tweet: Moments ago, newly minted football operations veep and Twitter fan John Elway revealed that the Denver Broncos have hired John Fox to succeed the disastrous Josh McDaniels as the team's head coach.

Which is good in some ways, not as good in others...

Here's Big John's initial tweet:

I am excited to announce that John Fox has agreed to terms to become the 14th head coach in Denver Broncos history.less than a minute ago via web

The positives? The Broncos didn't make the same mistake they did two years ago and hire an offensive expert when the squad desperately needs a defensive makeover. Fox's favorite letter is D. In addition, he's a steady, tough-to-ruffle presence who's demonstrated the ability to remake and remodel a dismal squad. The year before he came aboard as top man for the Carolina Panthers, the franchise had managed just one victory in sixteen tries -- but he promptly righted the ship.

And how. The Panthers capped the 2003 season by nearly winning the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots.

In recent years, however, the Panthers have limped along, growing progressively more mediocre. Indeed, the only reason the Broncos don't have the number one pick in the upcoming NFL draft is because Carolina was even worse in 2010, managing just two victories. Talk about the circle of life (and death) from a coaching perspective.

Why were the Panthers so bad? The defense wasn't terrible, but the offense set new standards for ineptitude in part because Fox and his assistants failed to properly develop the team's young quarterback, Jimmy Clausen. And if you haven't noticed, the Broncos have a fledgling signal caller of their own who needs some work...

Fox, then, is something of a castoff -- but considering that most higher profile choices showed no interest in undertaking what's clearly a major reclamation project, he's about the best the Broncos could do under the circumstances.

Not too sexy. Not that exciting. But also not that bad. Don't take it from me, though. Check out the rest of John Elway's Twitter pitch:

Coach Fox is a great fit for us not only with his coaching ability but also with his personality.less than a minute ago via web

He is a dynamic and proven leader who will energize our entire organization.less than a minute ago via web

John has coached great defenses, turned teams around and been to Super Bowls.less than a minute ago via web

We couldn't be more excited to have him lead the Denver Broncos.less than a minute ago via web

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mr ed
mr ed

what a joke mr ed and bowlen brought in a 500 coach that they could put in the coral

Mr. T
Mr. T

Fox was with Carolina seven years ago at the top, and then was part of the coaching staff that watched over them as they slid to nothingness. But now he is going to do the opposite? Whatever. At least Elway got his name right.


And the winner of the Mr.Ed reality show goes to the biggest loser. The man is burned out....OBVIOUSLY! Watch as he transforms into Mr.Eds coaching puppet. But then again what reputable coach would really want to be a part of the Broncos debacle. First pick in the draft next year for sure!


Lewis and Floorwax have a new all-time favorite regular guest on their show, and this might be the older man that finally has Kathy Lee with googly eyes and long sighs instead of the in college or fresh out of college male crowd. Those alone make many of us excited, but Sandy Clough will be gruff as the first season under Fox still will have many defeats.


Hmmm, everyone knows that in today's business environment, it's what have you done for me lately. Not what you did 10 years ago! Bad move, Broncos!!


I think its now a wait and see proposition with Fox. I am somewhat excited only because he brings a defensive focus to this team and we've desparately needed that. I am somewhat concerned because his team this year was pretty bad. However, Shanahan's last team was pretty bad as well and I still think he is a very good coach. Sometimes coaches get stale and need a change. Maybe that will be the case with Fox. We'll see.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

bleedorange, great take. I'm thinking along the same lines you are. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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