John Hickenlooper inauguration photo gallery: Love those stylish shoes, Hick!

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john hickenlooper shoes at inauguration cropped.JPG
Hick's shoes.
Didn't attend John Hickenlooper's inauguration ceremony? Smart thinking, since it was freezing out there, as photographer Jonathan Shoup knows from bitter personal experience.

Check out a gallery of Shoup shots from the festivities, including a full-length pic of Hick showing off his idea of gubernatorial footwear. (You can even be a fan of John Hickenlooper's Boots on Facebook.)

1 wellington webb at inauguration.jpg
Photo by Jonathan Shoup
No, Wellington Webb: Just because you were Denver's mayor doesn't mean you automatically become governor, too.

2 a cop at the inauguration.jpg
Photo by Jonathan Shoup
Law enforcement braved the cold. Thanks!

3 michael bennet at the inauguration.jpg
Photo by Jonathan Shoup
Michael Bennet's probably getting used to these swearing-in ceremonies.

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He violated his oath of office as Mayor, and we can expect that he will do the same as Governor.

D.T. Pennington
D.T. Pennington

Great photos. It's good to know we have a governor who chooses practicality over fashion.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Especially today, D.T. He doesn't need to start out his new job by getting his toes amputated...

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