Marijuana busts: Arrestee Laura Vanwormer co-owns Colorado CHRONIX, MMJ website

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Update below: On Friday, we told you about multiple arrests in an alleged drug ring in which participants are accused of using medical marijuana documents as cover.

Among those busted was Laura Vanwormer, co-owner of Colorado CHRONIX, a meet-up group based in Fort Collins.

Vanwormer's LinkedIn profile describes her as a Pepperdine University graduate who spent the years between 2005 and 2008 working as a developer representative for Wyndham Vacation Ownership, based in Branson, Missouri. The Colorado CHRONIX site accessible above lists its foundation date as February 11, 2008 and the owners as "Laura" and "DOC."

A man who said he was DOC answered a call to a phone number included on the Colorado CHRONIX main page. When asked about Vanwormer's arrest, he said, "I have no comment on any of that" and hung up.

Here's the online introduction to the group, which features an unusual underlined passage and makes specific references to the differences between federal and Colorado law about marijuana:

A very warm welcome to our group!

I've gotten some strange inquiries lately, asking me about posts they've read 'from me' elsewhere. I barely have the time for this one site alone, so if you've seen something posted under my e-mail address, please be alerted that it was most likely 99.9% not me.

ALL Patients are ALWAYS accepted here at Colorado-CHRONIX. We are here to help YOU, the patients, locate a caregiver in your area who has been pre-screened and matches your medical needs best.. Colorado CHRONIX serves as a support and educational information center for those who are prescribees of Colorado medical marijuana and who comply strictly with Colorado State Law. We include many services from Massage Therapy, Counseling, Reiki , Physco Therapy, Transportation and many other personal services including helping members interested in our smoking cessation program or try quitting smoking and begin to vaporize pure nicotine with e-cigarettes like DOC has (... over a year now and NO cigarettes...!!!) with our sponsored link Green Smoke...!

Regardless of where you may live, you're welcome to join us. We have members from everywhere and since DOC has gotten sicker, we are waiting for him to have his surgery before any more Meetups can be held (... try having one EVERY week, as we did for several years here...!).

We honor ALL of our patients by working WITH them, to empower and support each individual's journey to optimal health in the safest and most positive way possible. Our caregivers products are ALL grown organically - to exacting standards following the National Organic Program guidelines and under the close supervision of our professional growers...US!! This ensures the highest quality of medicine is available to our patients at all times. With CCMCC you can be assured that your medicine has been cultivated with care to adhere to the highest possible standards. We are confident that YOU will find satisfaction with our legal patient policy of EDUCATION, Integrity, Respect, Ethics, and Professionalism at all times- that's simply what sets us apart from ALL the rest. It is our belief that the real value of medical marijuana is its power to improve a humans health, relieve pain and improve quality of life, which is priceless... Our goal is to bring an end to the days of substandard and overpriced medicine sold merely for a profit, without regard for the patients who are relying on the same for their well being on a daily basis. At CCMCC, we really do care - and the difference shows. Just ask any one of our many many HAPPY patients! Let us EDUCATE you on what medical marijuana does for other legal patients' pain or illness. We are here to service and ensure that you find the perfect caregiver - for YOU!

Learn which strains of cannabis work better for certain conditions. All legal patients in the state of Colorado should have access to a large variety of Medicinal Strains, Edibles, Tinctures, Rooted Clones, Seeds, Security and we can point you in the right direction...!

Come join us at our next seminar after DOC recovers from having the bullet removed from his chest (placed there when he stopped at a convenience store one night on his way home...), to learn everything from legally growing the finest medical-grade potent mmj that possesses a broad range of efficacies, to setting up a CannaBusiness yourself...!

Please be apprised: Marijuana is ALWAYS in violation of Federal Law, even if, in certain circumstances, it is medically legal under Colorado State Law. This means that whereas a local or State Colorado police officer won't make a marijuana arrest in certain medical circumstances, a Federal officer will nevertheless be empowered to make an arrest by virtue of precisely the same set of circumstances. In other words, the Federal Law and the Colorado Law contradict each other. However, the Obama Administration has publicly stated that our government will not continue to persecute/prosecute medical patients in states that have enacted their own voter-supported mmj laws.

To be exempt from prosecution under Colorado State Law, the person who acts in pertinence to the marijuana (i.e. possesses, grows, or transports, etc) must either be a medicinal user who has a proper medical prescription (or a caregiver who assists the medical user within strict parameters). Failure of a medical user or caregiver to comply, with all aspects of the Colorado law, will subject said individual to criminal liability. Again, there is (currently) no, under any circumstances, exemption from criminal liability under Federal Law until such time as the federal government inevitably bows to the Will of The People and reschedules cannabis as the accepted medicine it already is, and has been, for thousands of years.

DOC and Laura


The page connects visitors to nineteen reviews of the group. Here's the most recent, posted this past September.

"Colorado CHRONIX is THE place for information on All Things Cannabis...! It doesn't matter WHERE you live, the world is welcome to wait with me while I wait to have this bullet removed from between my left lung and heart and unlike many of the complacent patient websites out there who simply pay their monthly fees, hang a shingle, and hope for the best, we've been doing this since 2007, slightly before dispensarys, wellness centers (or whatever they call themselves now) were glimmers in investors eye's and do all kinds of exciting things on this board, currently we've just finished an actual Rick Simpson's Hemp Oil blog with a brain cancer patient! Simply sign up, we'll get you through *whatever* process you're in or help you to get one started to receiving all of the benefits of being accepted as a Colorado CHRONIX Member including local (...and global) discounts at Award Winning seedbanks, and more! -DOC 'Serving Colorado Since 2007' [masked]"

Colorado CHRONIX also has a Facebook page, but it doesn't appear to be especially active; the last item is dated July 26, 2010. As for the profile photo, it's actor Mike Myers as Austin Powers's nemesis, Dr. Evil.

Update, 10:54 a.m.: As noted in the item above, a person identifying himself as DOC from Colorado CHRONIX declined to comment on the arrest of Laura Vanwormer in relation to an alleged drug ring that is said to have used medical marijuana documents as cover. A short time ago, DOC left a message on Westword's tip line that alludes to my attempt to speak with him before adding some more details. Here's the transcription:

Yes. This is Doc calling from Colorado CHRONIX, and some reporter just called asking about Laura Vanwormer, and I said that we would not comment on it. But in calling you back, we were alerted to the situation and Laura worked with the authorities to comply with everything that they needed to know... Colorado CHRONIX is not involved. We're already going to be looking at filing charges against the Coloradoan for what they've written. So. Thank you.

The articles on the Fort Collins Coloradoan website that allude to Vanwormer can be accessed by clicking here and here.

More from our Marijuana archive: "Medical marijuana: Petition asks CO Supreme Court to rule state's MMJ laws unconstitutional."

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Courage, Liberty, Guns and Weed I've often been told that when you're giving a speech — if all you get is applause and cheers — and you never piss anyone off — you're no better than a low-life politician, because you're not challenging anyone's conventional mode of thought. Hopefully, I get at least a few eyebrows raised here in my 8—9 short minutes….

So let's start out with the easy stuff, ok? I'm a tenther. That means I believe that the federal government should exercise only those powers that we the people delegated to it in the constitution — and nothing more. For example, no Obamacare mandates, no bank bailouts, and definitely no federal gun laws — period.

Question. How many people here own a gun, or manufacture or sell guns?

And how many of you are proud felons — meaning, when the government makes rules to restrict your right to keep and bear arms, you simply ignore them because they don't have the authority to do so?


I recently went to an event called Hemp Con down in my part of the state — Los Angeles. This is a big event at the LA convention center — with loads of vendors and businesses from every angle you can think of in support of the marijuana industry. There were home security companies to help protect your weed, solar power companies to help you grow your weed, doctors giving out medical marijuana cards to virtually anyone with $80 and an hour of time. There were even delivery services — you can get your marijuana delivered to you 24 hours a day…in 30 minutes or less. The pizza companies have nothing on these guys! It was amazing if you think about it from an economic standpoint — this was capitalism, the free market — working its wonders around an industry.

What's the point?

Virtually EVERY single one of those businesses was either directly violating federal law, or aiding someone else in doing so because marijuana is illegal, according to the feds — but not the constitution — in all situations. In 2003, Tommy Chong was arrested for merely selling pieces of glass — pipes that could be used to smoke marijuana. And today, 7 years later, we've got what seemed to be the WalMart of weed in Downtown Los Angeles. And guess what — no ATF or DEA thugs shut the place down. Business functioned, people did what they wanted to in freedom, and that was that.


Another quick story.

In 2005, the Bush administration got the REAL ID act passed, which was — in the eyes of many — a new form of a national ID card. We were warned that if this act wasn't followed, people wouldn't be able to travel, enter federal buildings, get on planes, and the like.

Much of my girlfriend's family lives in Missouri, a state that's not in compliance with the Real ID act. Her relatives do a little traveling from time to time. They get on airplanes and show their non-compliant Missouri driver's license. No federal agents stop them and prevent them from boarding a plane.

Well, most state DL's — including those in Missouri — don't comply with the Real ID Act. That law is still on the books in DC — it's never been repealed. It's never been challenged in court either. But — due to 25 states refusing to comply with the “law” — in much of the country that Real ID act is virtually null and void.

Here in California, the state always seems to be on its knees, begging the feds for something. Well, except on marijuana. In 2005, the Supreme Court ruled that state medical marijuana laws were illegal. At that time there were 10 states that had such laws. Do you know how many were repealed? Zero. And today, there's 14 states defying Washington DC, and getting away with it.

Today, we see the Firearms Freedom Act movement growing along these lines — it's already passed in 8 states. Following that lead, 5 states have passed laws saying no to Obamacare mandates too.


What's the lesson? This is the blueprint — when enough people say no to unconstitutional laws, regulations….and mandates….and enough states pass laws to back those people up — there's not much the federal government can do, but slowly and consistently back off. There's no tanks rolling into Los Angeles to shut down the dispensaries, and there's no jack-booted thugs forcing people to get new driver's licenses in Missouri. This is far from perfect, but it can work, and it is working right now.

So here's the final question — and the big challenge to you today.

The next time you begrudgingly follow some federal “law” that restricts your right to keep and bear arms — or the next time you hear about a gun rights case that will be decided in 2, or 4, or 6 years — with the hope that some judge will give you permission to exercise your rights, ask yourself this question:

Do you….gun rights activists….have as much courage as the pot smokers?

For the sake of liberty — I hope you do — because I believe that we the people need to exercise our rights whether they the government wants to give us “permission” to or not!


The ? is,is this real or is this another unjust setup of law enforcement they have been going so low as to use kids to setup legal patients,caregivers,mmc's with fake paperwork and fake cards so they can have some kinda facts staying they where right all along as far as now they have no facts about huge crime, or more problems in fact all the mmj communities have done is brought positive to Colorado period .PS: these tactic's they aren't only using it here in Colorado but in other States like Mich. and that is a (REAL FACT).

Concerned for US
Concerned for US

ok people, time to talk about the real reason this ENTIRE issue even exists. Prohibition of this plant has nothing to do with medicine. We all know that corporate lobbyists rule the world and this hijacking occured way back before most of you potheads were born. It is only a matter of convenience that a psychoactive chemical is present in this plant(sometimes). The fight over medicine and 'drugs' is only a cover for a greater issue relating to every important issue in the country right now. Show me any other thing that can SIMULTANEOUSLY: a) offset carbon dioxide emissions, b) provide manufacturing jobs processing over 50,000 different products c) create business in the farming sector without effecting food growth and prices. d) create a billion dollar industry for the first industrialized country willing to stand up to hypocrisy, and i will instantly brand you a criminal because it is probably illegal. This one material can almost immediately 'rescue' this country from the ditch with a little ditchweed. Notice i have only mentioned the industrial uses of a plant that carried civilization through the dark ages? Has anyone else thought maybe there is more than medicine here and maybe it has some broader implications? The rest of the country will laugh at us if we focus on just medicine because it is easily convoluted into a drug culture. This can change the whole world, starting here in colorado. we have agricultural land that is perfect for an energy seed like hemp. a protein source like hemp. Imagine the trucks that usually bring trees down the mountain instead carrying huge bails of hemp from the plains to commerce city for processing where thousands of previously out of work AMERICANS can turn it into food fuel and fiber. From there we sell it in our own commodity exchange(if you cant beat em join em) where unprocessed and processed hemp is sold internationally at a great benefit to the taxpayers, the only seemingly thinking individuals on the planet. This is a enormous potential that california didn't mention once in the recent legalization campaign. This argument is what 'normal' people need to hear in order to get the proper support for this Planetary Medicine called Cannabis or hemp if you aint latin speaking. Whatever it is don't call it marijuana because it plays into the prohibitionists plot to confuse you's throughs language. This would never have happened to thinking people if they had the equation Hemp=marijuana in their minds. now that hemp=marijuana is accepted we can go back to our heritage and call it Hemp. Back to our backyards and harvest hemp. back to our commonwealth based on a natural cashcrop that helped to found, and save, the country and world. Hemp for Victory anyone?

fresno child custody lawyer
fresno child custody lawyer

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If you needed more proof that Chronix is full of shit, there you go. Might as well tell us how they're going sue the Attorney General who put out the press release with Vanwormer's name in the first place. I am guessing the arrest warrant is the real deal.



I urge all the citizens of Colorado to demand the disbanding of the Northern Colorado Drug Task Force and the overturning of the laws which pretend to make the possession, use, and cultivation of cannabis illegal. Doc and Laura and all the other people arrested provide a net benefit to society. John Suthers and the people who specialize in the enforcement of and support these unjust and unconstitutional laws are enemies of American liberty -- there is no other accurate way to characterize prohibitionists and their behavior. Our willingness to throw over our constitutional freedoms because lying, self-interested scum from Anslinger to Suthers told us that cannabis was of the Devil contradicts the belief of the Founders that freely associating people could govern themselves. Suthers, NCDTF, the DEA -- these are NOT admirable, upright, people just doing their jobs; they are fascist agents in our midst, maintaining a state of civil war against our fundamental rights! That we spend tens of billions of dollars waging war on individual decisions to use substances (all of which, from cannabis, to LSD, to crack cause fewer deaths than tobacco, than alcohol, than prescribed medications, than even over-the-counter medications) is un-American. That we prop up swine like the drug-police and Suthers, while sentencing genuinely productive people to long terms in prison at fantastic expense is insane (the cost to our society of the War on Americans is many times greater than just the money we waste arresting and persecuting). That we now incarcerate more of our own people (due in great measure to Prohibition) than any other nation on Earth (3.2% of our entire population is in jail or in prison, or on parole or probation) while singing "does that star-spangled banner yet wave, o'er the land of the free ... ?" is hypocritical. Colorado just re-elected Suthers to another four-year term -- just how stupid are we?

The media certainly has glommed onto NCDTF/Suthers' press release, but they've got the story wrong -- the headline should be "NCDTF, A.G. Prey on Gardeners, Blame People's Decision to Re-legalize Cannabis as Medicine".

High Country Caregiver
High Country Caregiver

420 Colorado has been rocking the Colorado weed web since 08 also when pot became the thang in Colorado. We have taken all of our website building skills and given all Colorado marijuana patients a web outlet to build a blog, forum, and e-commerce website FOR FREE at, start a community seed bank, promote your herbs or have an interesting online idea, build it in minutes on


No way should this be in the hands of Gov.States,Cities,Corp and nor the greedy period yes there's a market for it but it should be a free market that's what I believe because if your gonna lock this up for the few it's unjust period you can brew a good beer in your own house which kill people everyday but not a plant which been proven to have very very little to no harm to people,another example you can have pharmacy drugs which some contain Meth,heroin ,pcp,lsd,cocain, you all get the point but we aren't allowed to keep safe our MMJ with being treated like a criminal ? doesn't make sense at all what does make sense if vote all the Corrupted officials out and another hint for you on SSI the Gov officials sure can fuck over the Americans with trying to take away SSI which we all damn well worked for not them but tell them to erase there pensions first or there massive Health care not our poor health care and watch how they get all defensive about it funny what works for the American people don't work for our Gov,States,Cities?When the only reason they even have a Career is because the American people pay illegal taxes,plain simple they damn work for us we damn well don't work for them!!!


The medical application of cannabis was defended during its criminalization, but doctors were drowned out in the witch-hunt. I agree that ending the prohibition of cannabis would benefit our economy, but I do not believe that we can accurately assess the scale of that benefit now. More to the point, we need to persuade voters at large to re-legalize, and (possibly inflated) claims as to its economic benefits have very little traction outside of those who already use it. The main obstacle we face in ending Prohibition is that approximately one third of the electorate have the misperception that cannabis is harmful. We must turn our attention outwards and show all people that there is no reason to fear or criminalize cannabis if we hope to re-legalize it.


I don't know much about any of the individuals involved, other than a brief e-mail exchange with Doc a year ago. Whatever the facts of the indictments, ask yourself who in this is acting against life or property -- my working assumption is that it is the NCDTF, which has seized people and their property, and the A.G., who seeks to imbue medical cannabis with whatever criminality might attach to these defendants. Of course, we can't put the chief law enforcement officer of the state in prison, just because he is a fascist, but consider whether or not we would be better off at the end of this affair were the defendants and their accusers to trade places. The defendants might not pick up too much law or make very good officers (so there might be little net change), but the NCDTF and Suthers would be prevented from doing the immense harm they now wreak upon Colorado.


Robert there is nothing to re legalize first it's legal already threw our highest rights as American people and if we allow corrupted officials like Bill Ritter and his but buddies then we why not tell the GOV to own us because stating this is the land of the free decade after decade it's becoming the land of building more jails for the right greedy people shit up in Arapahoe County the County Jail is owned by 2 damn judges now how isn't this a conflict of interest ?another example the IRS is owned by investors wtf ? America wake up we been fucked over and over lets all group up state by state and get rid of these clowns period .I for one will stand behind our 4 fathers and our highest laws which are the peoples Constitutional Rights period .


I agree with your points regarding the NCDTF. If we didn't have prohibition and anyone could grow it themselves, or purchase it over the counter (with ID), most of these problems with "drug rings" growing plant valuable matter for export, wouldn't be problems at all. Bust these guys for tax evasion to the extent that it was provably occurring, sell off the product to pay the bill, keep everyone out of jail and the MJ off the black/back market, and everyone's happy.


Huh? Doc is the guy that gave away Hemp Oil to cancer patients for no charge, I see no mention of him, or Chronix.

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