Medical marijuana dispensary review: Belly up at La Conte's Clone Bar and Dispensary

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If Denver really is the wild west of medical marijuana, then La Conte's Clone Bar and dispensary makes a pretty good town saloon.

La Conte's Clone Bar and Dispensary

Location: 5194 Washington St. in Denver
Phone: 303-292-2252
Hours of operation: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week.
Owner/manager: Steve Chase
Mission statement: "We offer great meds at great price."
Opened: November 2010
Raw marijuana price range: $25-$45 per eighth.
Other types of medicine: hash oil, hash, kief, edibles, candies
Handicap accessible?: yes.

The building stood as La Conte's Bar for nearly a century -- until, one day, the owners left it with bottles still on the old wooden bar shelves and decks of cards in bar drawers. Outside, the faded neon signs make it nearly indistinguishable from dive bars all over town -- only the signs have green crosses on them instead of Bud Light logos.

The basement, the owners say, is full of secret stairways and rooms implying that the place might have once been a speakeasy. But a few weeks of work refinishing the nicotine-stained floors and wooden back bar revealed the warm knotty pine underneath, and removing the dingy dropped ceiling revealed antique-tin work behind it. Little ganja leaves have been painted along the top trim, but otherwise the cash register sits where the former one likely did, and it still looks like a functioning bar minus the booze.

I checked in at the front door and was let in out of the cold while a woman copied my paperwork. The former bar smelled like fresh wood and ganja -- something the original owners likely never thought would happen. Owner Steve Chase was working the bud bar, and he gave me a five-minute run-through of the place, since I was a first-timer. The goal, he says, is to continue serving working-class people much like the old bar did. Herb is capped at $45 per eighth, but the shop only had three "top shelf" strains in stock the day I was in. Instead, the bulk of the stock is capped at $40. Most of the dozen or so strains in the antique wooden glass case looked like good warehouse-grown I've seen elsewhere selling for more. Other strains were worth taking a longer look at, including a peppery Purple Diesel and a truly tangy Tangerine. That inconsistency in quality was the one issue I saw, so take your time and check out every jar.

The most impressive things about the shop, though, were $25 daily-special eighths. Chase pulled out the Blueberry and the Flo first and I had to ask twice to make sure I heard the price correctly. Sure, the Flo looked like it was the last few nuggets of the crop, but it still had an impressive, well-cured smell and look to it. Same thing with the Blueberry, which I had to take home despite the fact that I don't usually like the strain. Chase said they try not to think of their lowest price range as the bottom-shelf -- and while other people at other shops may say that, he seemed to mean it. LaConte's also had a small selection of reasonably priced glass hand pipes and rolling papers below a shelf of hash, earwax hash and hash oil.

Opposite from the former bar is the clone bar part of La Conte's Clone Bar and Dispensary. The bar is actually just a refrigerated florist's glass display case full of little green girls ranging from a few inches to over a foot tall. I counted eight or nine different strains the day I was in, including some Pineapple, ISS, Flo and Kali Mist, but I'm not a clone buyer and I didn't check out any of the plants up close. Chase said that while he is somewhat new to the world of growing medical marijuana, his partners keep an eye out for pests and diseases. He said with current regulations on how many plants people can grow, it makes sense for dispensaries to start selling more clones, so that people can begin to grow for themselves. Regardless, always closely check any clones you get for bugs or mildew before putting them in your garden.

The shop broke down my bags to the half-eighth for me, weighing everything just under two grams and putting it in nicely labeled sealed baggies (something the folks I reviewed a few weeks ago should learn). Overall, there's few places I've seen that are better for patients more concerned about value and stretching their dollar instead of having $50 bags of elite strains.

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La Conte's Clone Bar and Dispensary

5194 Washington St., Denver, CO

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what a deal on the deal flo and blueberry, makes sense to sell popcorn buds for cheaper instead of concentrates and edibles for less profit once it's processed.

do they give you the BHO in plastic cups like that? looks a little dark for my tastes. love that oil in the lungs expansion, my god!

Coleman S.
Coleman S.

La Conte's sells fully rooted clones in a couple sizes for growers of different skill levels. I would recommend everyone to La Conte's Ive been going there for Everyday for the past 4 weeks and I love it.

William Breathes
William Breathes

Andrew - you are correct. It's mostly a taste/flavor thing for me, and I find that BG also does nothing for me medically and is usually a pretty tame strain.


Most of the clones on hand are well rooted and in 2" pots or 3" rockwool.. Cuttings can always be special ordered... All of our clones are an amazing value... They are 2 to 3 times the size of others we've seen, cost less AND come with a 30 day guarantee... Come see us and let Steve know you saw us on Westword, maybe he'll give you a preroll or something :)


Will, You said you usually don't like the strain Blueberry -- is it the taste/aroma of this strain that you don't like, or does it have something to do with the way it affects your mind/body?

Thanks for the great review. I'll have to check the place out next time I'm in their neighborhood.

Tom S.
Tom S.

I was just about to check this place out, thanks for the review. What was the clone situation? I didn't know if this place worked off of cuttings or if most of their stuff is rooted.

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