Medical marijuana odors: Boulder battles the funk

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Talk about the smell of success.

Apparently Boulder now has so many MMJ businesses that folks all over are complaining about the ever-present aroma of pot in the air -- and officials are struggling to clear the air.

As reported by the Boulder Daily Camera last week, city staff are currently investigating at least seven complaints of marijuana odors. A memorandum on the issue sent to Boulder's city council noted the offending smells have been coming from both dispensaries and grow facilities and have apparently forced two business to relocate.

So how can the city fight the funk? City officials passed a rule last year that instituted fines up to $1,000 for wayward pot aromas, but that only goes for businesses, not for private citizens dabbling with the skunky stuff in the privacy of their own homes.

Then there's the question of what, exactly, constitutes a code-breaking whiff. According to city rules, medical marijuana operations must use ventilation and other measures so their medicine "cannot be detected by a person with a normal sense of smell" off the premises. But who gets to decide what's a normal sense of smell? And why should a faint hint of pot be any worse than, say, the stink of coffee emanating from Starbucks or the stench of Fryolator oil wafting out of Wendy's?

Here's a better solution to Boulder's stinky situation, one many of the city's residents have been utilizing for decades: Just plant lots and lots of patchouli.

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Bud Tokerman
Bud Tokerman

I moved to Colorado in August of 2009 from the deep bible thumping south-east. First arriving in CO Springs. I'll never forget driving through west CO Springs on the older part of the city with the windows down, that fragrant funky odor of skunkiness, haha, I loved it ! I knew then I had to put down roots on the west side of town. After 8 months of living there, I moved to Golden to be closer to the Denver area, guess what..?....The neighborhood I live in has that same skunky smell.My belief is that it's EVERYWHERE and people should learn to breath through their mouth!

Concerned for US
Concerned for US

they will still have to smell greeley when the storms blow in. can't stop progress and 'the smell of money'-not even in the republic of boulder. People will inhale anything a chemical process can spill into the air-but not if it smells like grandma's garden! Well if we could just publicize the recent tax offerings local dispensary/grows have remitted to the tax gods then maybe we wont have so many complaints about the smell of success.


So much for growing your six plants per patient as the Colorado Constitution allows. With the legislature steadilly working to restrict physicians and dispensaries and complaining neighbors calling the city councils to restrict patients from growing, they'll get it out of their communities and back underground where the profits will once again go back into the pockets of criminals. The patients will once again be at the mercy of greedy criminals. Well, it won't be much different than doing business with the banksters. Forget about any possibility of reasonable regulation and taxation. Awesome. Great job!


That is really the smell of carelessness admixed with stupidity.

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