Murder down, prostitution and child-porn busts up in 2010, says Denver Police Department

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The Denver Police Department has released crime figures for 2010, most of which are positive. According to the DPD, murders hit a ten-year low, with the rates of many other crimes diminishing. Granted, prostitution arrests rose 72 percent and child-porn busts are up 15 percent, but the DPD sees that as a good thing. Look below to read a department release and graphics that chart the data.

A note: Earlier this month, the Denver coroner's office listed 39 homicides in the city in 2010, as documented in a post linked below. However, not all homicides are ultimately categorized as murder, which presumably accounts for the numerical discrepancy.

Denver Police Department release:

Denver Murder Rate Hits 10-Year Low

The Denver Police Department is pleased to report that crime in the City and County of Denver continued to fall in 2010. Figures gathered by the Denver Police Department's Data Analysis Unit show that overall crime has declined by 5%, crimes against persons declined by 1.4% and property crimes dropped by 4.1%. Murders are at a 10-year low with 33 occurring in 2010, which is a 13.2% decrease compared to 2009. Decreases in Aggravated Assault, and Sex Offenses also occurred.

Property Crimes also saw declines. Burglaries dropped by 6.3%, Robbery by 5.6 % and Motor Vehicle Theft by 8.9 %. Larceny is the only category that showed an increase of 7.4%.

In the area of Crimes against Society, we did see an increase. These types of crimes include officer initiated actions that were conducted to address criminal activity. For example, Prostitution arrests were up by 72.7% and Child Pornography was up by 15.4% due to operations targeting these offenses.

Overall crime has trended downward over the past 10 years in Denver. We have attached graphics compiled by the Data Analysis Unit to illustrate the movement in crime.

The complete compilation of Neighborhood Crime Statistics can be found at

1 denver police department ten year trend chart.JPG

2 denver police department ten year trend chart.JPG

3 denver police department ten year trend chart.JPG

4 denver police department ten year trend chart.JPG

denver police department data reported offenses.JPG
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