RTD fare increases are better for everyone: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

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Look on the bright side of fare increases and service changes...

Denverites pay a lot of money to vacation abroad. With the new service reductions going into effect, overcrowded RTD buses will make the trip from Park Hill into downtown seem like an exotic adventure in Budapest or Mumbai. Below, see how crowded buses are perfect for people who need both hands to use their new smart phones and computer tablets.

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Hands-free computing is available to commuters sandwiched between strap hangers.

As shown in the illustration above, there is less chance of losing your balance and falling down when passengers are packed on board like sardines. Plus, overcrowded buses create greater people-watching opportunities!

Sassy mass-transportation-haters get slapped back below.

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RTD just continues to ripp the general public/tax payers off. Most folks were/are riding the bus because it is cost effective. The bus fare increases are not cost effective. Service continues to decrease not get better. As a tax payer I will gladley vote NO to RTD. Why don't they try living on a budget instead of just asking for more money to bail them out?


Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Inspectorklein, strong take. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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