Same-sex marriage ban forces twelve-year-old girl into pillow fight: Kenny Be's involved

Gay Matchbook Gus Dexheimer's Gay Marriage Pillow Project Kenny Be Westword Blog Head.jpg
The perfect gay-marriage matchbook. Run for cover before striking.

The open matchbook that is pictured above is my contribution to twelve-year-old Augusta Dexheimer's Wedding Pillow Project. Gus and I go way back: Her parents are former Westword staff writers Eric Dexheimer and Robin Chotzinoff. So when Gus called and told me that she was celebrating her bat mitzvah year by trying to legalize same-sex marriage in an auction of one-of-a-kind ring pillows created by her friends, I begged to be included. I can't sew, but I wanted to create a matchless ring pillow...

Gay Marriage Matchbook interior Dus Dexheimer Pillow Project Westword Blog2.jpg
The Perfect Matchbook Interior. Wedding bands are placed around the necks of the groomsmen.

Gay Marriage Matchbook Front Back Gus Dexheimer Pillow Project Kenny Be Westword BlogNew2.jpg
The Perfect Matchbook. Back cover (right) portrays famous American gay icons.

The oversized matchbook pictured above is approximately 4.75 inches wide by 6 inches tall (12 inches when open). I wrote "run for cover before striking" as a warning that preventing people from expressing their love will lead to disastrous consequences!

The Perfect Matchbook is a hand-drawn original Kenny Be artwork that is now included in The Pillow Project Auction. Bidding began on January 2, 2011, and continues until noon MST on January 16. All proceeds will be donated to the American Foundation For Equal Rights (, a California organization fighting against Proposition 8 -- and for marriage equality.

If my wedding pillow doesn't exactly light your fire, then look below to see if Elvis's Gay Wedding Pillow by Denver Post travel editor Kyle Wagner is more suited to your taste...

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