Reader: School choice is the only way to bring about radical change the education system needs

Our recent post about Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin appearing at an education-reform event during the time when President Barack Obama was delivering his State of the Union speech set off a vigorous debate about fixing broken public schools. One reader wondered why we're even debating the positive attributes of school choice at this point.

Victoria writes:

I really think school choice is the only thing that will bring about the radical change that we need to see in our education system. Having more magnet schools will help as well. Although, I have to say, as a parent, I was positively FURIOUS after leaving the required meeting for our local magnet school (D'evelyn). Why? Because it is all that a school SHOULD be. It is a successful program with stringent academic standards, and it is also a public school. So why aren't the rest of the schools following suit? I just don't get it!

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I am a big fan of the public school system, but I have no argument with what you're saying.

And I'm familiar with D'evelyn as well.

Tough to get in, but what's wrong with that?

My beef is with the cottage industry that's raking in billions of taxpayer money while paying teaching professionals peanuts thus maximizing profits.

There's something really slimy about the private school industry and its' penchant for profit over product. and that's exactly where we're at now.t .

Why can't we meet in the middle?

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