Scott Gessler's part-time law job ad campaign: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

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Secretary of State Scott Gessler makes cold calls.

After just two weeks on the job as an elected official, Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler says that he cannot live on the paltry $68,500 annual salary and plans to moonlight as an attorney at his old law firm. Imagine his ad campaign! Below, see how Scott can use his new name recognition to market his old skills as a registered agent for political attack ads...

Scott Gessler Part-time attorney advertisement Kenny Be Westword Blog2.jpg

Below, see how his ads will sell clients on the benefits of hiring a part-time lawyer who also has a full-time job monitoring elections...

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probably not.

But this is a great collection of accurate but still funny cartoons that pound that very point home like a sledge hammer.

Gessler rode on the coat tails of the artificially created "teabag anger" to a win over Bernie Buescher by more than 5 pct.

This despite only 2 endorsements.......... the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition and Tom Tancredo.

The very idea people like Gessler, Scot Tipton, Cory Gardner, Libby Szabo, Doug Lamborn and even Suthers himself can get elected is testament and tribute to the ability of the right to control the message in today's information/entertainment environment.

For example, any campaign video, any debate footage or audio, any verbal utterances from any of the above named, any research into their records, any look at their biographies, would startle a person as to how extreme, out of touch, connected to big money special interests, unqualified and full of mularkey all of them are.

But.............the Colorado/national republican party, with help from a very complicit crew of very well paid radio talk show hacks, quacks, frauds and phonies, put out a blizzard of fake outrage, anti tax nonsense, mixed with the general boiler plate fear mongering, that roiled up enough under/ill/uninformed folks to win a lot of offices last November.

Now, with the dust settled, we see that Gessler either didn't know what the job paid when he ran or he didn't think he'd win or he just figures no matter what sleezy road he takes, Suthers will back him.

And he's probably right on that one. Elections do indeed have consequences.


Do people who voted Fascist have any remorse, or do they not remember as far back as November?

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Another very thoughtful take, Eric. Thanks for posting.

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