Security guard for Colorado Coalition for the Homeless busted for selling crack to rehab patients

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Denver Police Department
It's your Monday edition of Denver Blogs, with a trio of interesting blog posts from around town. First up, a crack dealer selling to the people he was hired to protect:

Jared Jacang Maher of Face the State (and formerly Westword) brings us this story of Lee Wright, a security guard for the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless who was allegedly selling crack to patients in the rehab program. Talk about job security.

On a lighter note, the Mile High Mamas' Amber Johnson blogs today on realizing your true potential in 2011.

Sometimes, no news is news, especially in the will-they or won't-they situations of pro athletes resigning. Predominantly Orange has the story about Champ Bailey holding back on whether he'll be a Bronco next season.

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