Reader: Suzanne Williams, CO state senator, should have been busted on spot of Texas crash

Senator Suzanne Williams's involvement in a Texas crash that killed a woman who was seven-months pregnant continues to be a contentious topic among readers.

One commenter speculated that Williams may have received special treatment from the Amarillo police because of her position.

Here's hippo55's post:

We came across the crash that night while driving home from Colorado. Big mess. The main thing I'm concerned about is why the Senator wasn't arrested on the spot. That same week we had a car with 4 teens aboard and ran a light at a high rate of speed and crashed into another ejecting the 16 year old female passenger and killing her. The 15 year old driver was arrested on the spot by the local Police. Seems like the right thing to do.

The 16-year-old male driver of the Mustang has been arrested on a charge of criminally negligent homicide, according to APD.

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Saying you don't remember anything at the time of a crash is no defense or a "Get out of Jail Free" card for vehicular homicide or manslaughter Mr. Lane. Saying you don't remember an incident like that is the adult equivalent to children, covering their ears, closing their eyes and squawking, "LA, LA,LA...!!!" As loudly as possible to not respond to a person of authority. I'm sure the husband of young Brianna, remembers Mrs. Williams vehicle veering his way for no reason and taking his wifes life, so he can fill in the details of the accident in court. I understand Mrs. Williams trying to move her Grandson out of possible danger from roadway traffic, but anyone knows you keep the victim of an accident in a lying position if they need to be moved, not jostling the child UPRIGHT, while attempting to strap them into a child safety chair to cover your crime that you specifically backed, of not having children seat belted in during a crash...What a wonderful example you have set for all of us Mrs. Williams! Now let's tack on one more charge... Child Endangerment. We now have this propagandist report on Denver 7 news a few weeks back of the dangers and mis-use of "Prone Restraint" used in Colorado State Mental Facilities and by Police. I'm not saying the subject matter is propagandist, but the messenger is. You guessed it... Mrs. Williams is leading the march...Nice job attempting to create Mrs. Williams as a sympathetic figure before the Texas Grand Jury listens into her case in April. I think pathetic is a better word. Maybe next, Mrs. Williams can film a few Humane Society video's of her snuggling abused puppies, echoing Sarah McLachlin's haunting singing voice in the back ground. You may fool the rest of the public with your self-righteousness Mrs. Williams, but you don't fool me. Your actions killed someone... She ceases to exist on this earth because of your actions . Whether you remember or not, or didn't mean to do it, or not, is of no relevance other than the amount of prison time you'll serve.

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