UFO Phil brings pitch to build pyramid on Pikes Peak to Colorado Springs Gazette (VIDEO)

ufo phiil at colorado spring gazette.JPG
At the Gazette.
Our piece last week about UFO Phil's plan to build a pyramid on Pikes Peak came at the start of a full-out blitz to win over the local media -- one that included a visit to the Colorado Springs Gazette with a pyramid model in tow. Hilarious footage shows Gazette reporter R. Scott Rappold helping Phil pack his pyramid, then struggling to keep a straight face during the interview that follows. You're a better man than I, Gunga Din! See the video below.

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I am sold on Phil's scheme -- the pyramid's apex would become the highest point in the lower 48 -- what a tourist attraction!

Other than a worthy effort at injecting a note of whimsy into our generally stultifying news, I'm not sure what Phil's true purpose is.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Robert, I for one appreciate whimsy injections every once in a while. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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