UFO Phil brings pitch to build pyramid on Pikes Peak to Colorado Springs Gazette (VIDEO)

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ufo phiil at colorado spring gazette.JPG
At the Gazette.
Our piece last week about UFO Phil's plan to build a pyramid on Pikes Peak came at the start of a full-out blitz to win over the local media -- one that included a visit to the Colorado Springs Gazette with a pyramid model in tow. Hilarious footage shows Gazette reporter R. Scott Rappold helping Phil pack his pyramid, then struggling to keep a straight face during the interview that follows. You're a better man than I, Gunga Din! See the video below.

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I am sold on Phil's scheme -- the pyramid's apex would become the highest point in the lower 48 -- what a tourist attraction!

Other than a worthy effort at injecting a note of whimsy into our generally stultifying news, I'm not sure what Phil's true purpose is.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Robert, I for one appreciate whimsy injections every once in a while. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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