Wes McKinley says howdy at the State Capitol

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Representative Wes McKinley, a Democrat who represents District 64 in the southeastern corner of the state, could well be the most colorful lawmaker in the Colorado General Assembly, with a background that includes ranching, teaching and serving as the foreman of the Rocky Flats Grand Jury. But first and foremost, he's a cowboy.

McKinley proved it yesterday, when he brought some of colorful cowboy culture to the State Capitol, where he and a few other Western entertainers entertained -- joined, for a brief moment, by Representative B.J. Nikkel.

B.J. Nikkel, Wes McKinley, and Bob Whitfield entertaining passersby in the Capitol.
Performers included Bob Whitfield, Bob Laughlin and Bob Turner of Acoustic Music Revival. Also showcased: handcrafted jewelry by Delbert Jones and artwork by McKinley's grandson.

Everyone within reach got a welcoming handshake. The Capitol, McKinley pointed out, is "not just a place for suits and ties."

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"Colorful" is right. Ol' B.J. better keep her distance from Cowboy Wes, less'n he decide she's one a them cute little fillies he likes to brand as his own. Say, did Wes ever finish his 'sexual misconduct' classes, or is that another one of those state secrets?

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