Winter-storm warning a relief to Denver snow sculptors: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

Yard Arteology: The study of neighbors through lawn decoration...

Little Air Snowboard Ramp Kenny Be Westword Yard Arteology Blog Head.jpg
Figure 96a. Wellshire: Little Air snowboard ramp.

The photo of the "little air" snowboard ramp above was taken this past weekend. That the iced 3/4 pipe has weathered an unseasonably warm January is testament to good design and careful construction. However, until off-the-shelf snow-making machines are available at Home Depot, this ramp needs the relief furnished by a winter-storm warning...

The ramp above sits in an east-facing yard. The snow-free lawn surrounding the ramp indicates that all the available accumulation from the last snowstorm was used in the construction of the ramp. The candy-cane holiday decorations that remain on display a month after Christmas suggest that residents of this home consider snowboarding to be a more important priority than housekeeping.

Paint Stick Arm Snowman Kenny Be Westword Blog.jpg
Figure 96b. Harvey Park: Snowman pleads for winter weather.

The picture above shows a snowman in a state of panic. His frail paint-stick arms are raised as if to suggest that he is pleading to the heavens for a week of life-saving single-digit temperatures. The stance may also indicate that he is trying to make himself look bigger, to scare the sprinkler that lurks near the base of the downspout in wait for the first sign of Spring.

Below, an example of the alternative construction materials being used to build snowmen until the flakes start to fly..

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