Reader: Butane hash is perfectly safe, and there's no evidence it's hurt anyone

Wanda James.
Simply Pure's Wanda James knew she was stirring a hornet's nest when she launched a campaign against butane hash, which she argues is potentially dangerous for people with compromised immune systems, among others. Our item attracted plenty of ire from butane defenders, as exemplified by the following post.

Anonymous writes:

I'm amazed you even got through 6 paragraphs before your money shot:

"I just hope no one is hurt before legislation preventing this practice is passed."

Show me the bodies that should be piling up due to butane extraction.

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You guys are hilarious and have obviously never used butane for sfe. The butane evaporates at room temperature and with a few simple warm water purges, all traces dissipate. It is very basic science. I would encourage purging in thin layers to get all the butane out in the shortest amount of time. And, of course, make sure you use the restroom before you start; sticky, sticky!


The cannabis-community is not known for its scientific literacy -- change that.


I don't really know much about it, but I don't really like the idea. Due to the fact that there is no oversight, there is not an easy way to show that the BHO you are getting is clean. Every dispensary will tell you that they have followed all of the procedures necessary but there is no way to prove it. Sure, butane is used as a propellant in consumer products but I do not volatilize it or burn it and directly breathe the fumes either. Hydrocarbon emissions are dangerous and not particularly tasty. That is why things like BeeLine are better.

I don't know... While I am sure that there are places that are ultra careful and offer a butane-free product, I am going to stick with water extraction or even CO2 extractions if I need something stronger, as long as CO2 is the only solvent used.


SERIOUSLY?!?! You find that quote from "Anonymous" so intriguing that you would post a pathetic type rebuttal with it? Oh lord! This is really sad.

Yes, you can do butane hash, you can slurp up high fructose corn syrup through a straw, drink milk in your hormones or eat meat washed with ammonia... it's all legal under the FDA after all.

But why would you?

Denver Relief
Denver Relief

This was our blog post in response to the article published by Westword last week.

Our blog can be found at:

This Westword Latest Word Post states that Wanda James an owner of a local edibles manufacturer, is calling to ban the use of subcritical butane cannabis extracts.

Why, you might ask? Well, she’s afraid, she doesn’t understand the extraction process, and her company would profit from the ban.

Did you know butane is in cooking sprays as a propellant?

Did you know butane is used to extract oils for perfumes and herbal therapy?

When an extraction is done correctly, the solvent used to create the extract is removed, reclaimed, or simply evaporated through the use of mild warmth. What is left is a pure THC extract that is highly effective in edibles and has the additional benefits of consistent quality and being easily dosable.

Wanda James is not an expert, yet she would have you fear something she admittedly knows little about (the alleged harmful effects of butane extracts).

It should be stated quite clearly that her seeking such a ban is directly related to the benefit that she would receive from it and thus is not purely motivated by patient safety or an actual awareness of any real danger.


By the way, I don't think there should be a ban on butane at all. That's not the answer. I just think people need to make better decisions.

Denver Patient
Denver Patient

What a load of crap. I know this was posted months ago but it still deserves a response.

Firstly, I do not know the direct health effects of consuming butane but I do know that if these dudes want to make it personal by insulting the messenger, that works equally both ways. I have met the clowns at Denver Relief several times and I wouldn't trust Ean and Kyavan to properly fill my car with gasoline, let alone trust them with my health and safety when it comes to the use of chemical solvents in my food.

I also know for a FACT that butane extraction can indeed harm people quite severely, although not in the way mentioned above. Butane extraction is DANGEROUS and kills people all the damn is actually illegal in the Netherlands despite their notoriously liberal cannabis policy, so that really speaks to its hazards.

Ean and Kyavan's response above is incredibly deceptive and engages in the same slimy tactics it accuses others of using -- they obviously feel very threatened by open discussion of how many additives they include in the edibles they sell to sick patients.

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