Melo bobblehead conversion keeps Knicks off your Nuggets: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

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Carmelo Bobblehead Conversion Kit Kenny Be Westword Blog Head.jpg
Kits available at the Pepsi Center Nuggets store, next to the rack of 50 percent-off Carmelo shirts.

When Carmelo Anthony is traded to the New York Knicks, your Carmelo Anthony bobblehead will be left behind -- to cheer for the home team! Each Carmelo Anthony Bobblehead Conversion Kit® comes with a replacement head, relevant paraphernalia and decals to turn a traitor trader back into a local sports hero...

Kit #1 (below, left) Instructions: Replace Carmelo Anthony head with Maxie the Miner head. Place Nuggets team logo decal over Melo's number. Remove the basketball and glue gold nugget and miner's pick to hands to convert Carmelo into the beloved vintage team mascot. Now, you can show your allegiance to the Denver Nuggets organization, and not the self-absorbed individual players.

Carmelo Anthony Bobblehead Conversion Kit Rocky Denver Nugget Kenny Be  Westword Blog2.jpg

Kit #2 (above, right) Instructions: Replace the Carmelo Anthony head with the Rocky the mountain lion mascot head. Place Nuggets team logos over Melo's player number and arm tattoos. Remove the basketball and glue the small Carmelo head to Rocky's paw to show your support for the rascally spirit of the team mascot.

Below, conversion kits for new players made in the Melo trade...

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