Civil unions: LGBT organization One Colorado kicks off campaign to legalize them (VIDEO)

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LGBT-rights organization One Colorado is behind a legislative push this year to legalize civil unions in the state. On Sunday, the organization held a kickoff event for its civil-unions coalition, Voices for Strong Families. Among those in attendance was Senator Pat Steadman, who plans to sponsor the bill.

Colorado already grants many rights to gays and lesbians, including the right to adopt partners' children, protection against hate crimes and same-sex partner benefits for state employees. But not gay marriage or civil unions. In 2006, voters narrowly rejected a measure that would have given same-sex couples many of the same benefits as married couples.

Jessica Woodrum, spokeswoman for One Colorado, thinks things will be different in 2011. She cites a poll from last year that found that 72 percent of Coloradans support legal recognition of gay couples. "Public opinion has shifted dramatically since 2006," she says.

And One Colorado is ready to pitch in. "We will be mobilizing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Coloradans to get involved in the political process," Woodrum says.

See video from the kickoff event below, courtesy of Dan Gonzales.

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Stanley J
Stanley J

Teh issue with the "sacred state of marriage" is that marriage has two meanings - the legal meaning, and the religious meaning. Which are different. the root of much of the problem.

The only country I know of that really solves this problem is France. Where most people, str8 or gay get civil unions. - which give almost full benefits . Some people also go to their church for the sacrement of marriage- rites, not rights, whose value is in the eyes of the beholder and their religious beliefs.

Unfortunately its much too late to change all the "legal marriages" to state approved civil unions, and leave the world marriage strictly to the churches. It would solve the problem, but how would we ever get people to feel that in some way their religious/ civil marriage was not being degraded. I'm stuck on that one.

Stanley J
Stanley J

Druid621 - I think you are a good person, and I know many of my neighbors - almost all conservative, are of the same mindset.

My personal feelings are that gay marriage strengthens the institution of marriage, being decimated by str8 people. Yes, I'm a Unitarian, my wife is Jewish, and both churches will do gay marriage ceremonies, but in my state that brings zero legal beneifts, because we don't have any sort of legal recognition.

I wish everyone would be as supportive as you are. And if you spend some time thinking about the issues - eg marriage under civil law brings not only respect and helps stabilize the relationships of gay people, and also eliminates the issues re eg employee beneifts given to "married people" but ? re gays, over time our society will change.

There are about 1 countries that actually have gay marriage, another 16-18 CUs or equiv.

the 13 are Canada, columbia (common law) Argentina, Mexico, norway sweden Iceland holland belgium spain portugal, israel, RSAfrica. Finland is changing from CUs to marriage.. Nepal though implementation is not complete

those with civil unions or equiv- Registered partnerships - Equador, Uruguay, parts of brazil (its a mess by state) Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland (no kidding - so catholic),France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, chech repub, NZ Australia, and prob a couple more.

Again, thanks. BTW MY mother couldn't vote leagally until 1920, my daughters marriage to an asian was made legal in all states the year I and my wife were married 1967. Knocking over all kinds of laws and amendments that had prohibited inter-racial marriage in about 40 states.

I think we are making progress.


Civil unions are fine, but elevating them to the sacred state of marriage is not.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Great take, Stanley J. Thanks for reading and sharing your views.


Who the HELL made you God? My relationship is NONE of your business. It's civil rights, CIVIL RIGHTS!!! That should never be subject to other people's bigotry.

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