David Sirota meets Charles Barkley 50,000 burgers ago and other 80s memories (PHOTOS)

david sirota with charles barkley in the 80s cropped.jpg
Big pics below.
AM 760 host and columnist David Sirota is promoting a new book about the 1980s, Back to Our Future, with a March 16 book launch party at the Mercury Cafe, as well as an '80s photo contest on the AM 760 Facebook page. To get the ball rolling, Sirota's posted a couple vintage photos of himself, including one with a baffled Charles Barkley. See that pic and others from Sirota and listeners below:

david sirota in 80s at 76ers game.JPG
Young David at a Philadelphia 76ers game circa the '80s.

david sirota with charles barkley in the 80s.jpg
Charles Barkley was known as the "Round Mound of Rebound" even then -- but he's gotten rounder and moundier since.

david sirota and his brother.jpg
A more contemporary shot of Sirota and his brother with another '80s icon, General Lee.

sirota fan scott mackay 80s photo.jpg
Sirota listener Scott Mackay with a muscle car of his own.

sirota listener William Daniel Harasym 80s photo.JPG
What Sirota listener William Daniel Harasym looked like back in the day.

sirota fan bradley wilkinson 80s photo.jpg
Sirota listener Bradley Wilkinson with "Computer Space," the first coin-operated video game, at a museum in St. Louis.
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