Reader: Denver International Airport's Blue Mustang & other freaky public art reflects times

dia mustang head shot.jpg
Our recent post about Denver International Airport soliciting feedback on public art like the infamous Blue Mustang and other conspiracy-inspiring DIA exhibits sparked some impassioned defenses of the facility's more unusual offerings. Here's one excellent example.

Juanpablotocino writes:

Freaky art? We live in a freaky society. Art is just a reflection of our culture. Blaming art because it doesn't agree with you has been around a long time. It's not about the art its about allowing different views of our shared society. Most corporations, especially banks, avoid such conflict altogether by purchasing extremely ambiguous artwork for the general public. I'm proud that my city and D.I.A. bucks this trend and took some risks and purchased and displayed artwork that isn't accepted by "everyone" that visits the airport. It shows Denver as a cosmopolitan city. Like my mom used to say, "If your looking for offense, then you will surely find it."

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The blue mustang is an ugly reminder that our government is of, by, and for corporations and their dupes.

P.S. "Your" is the second person possessive pronoun; the contraction of the words "you are" is "you're"

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