Erick Perez, seven others charged in case of juvenile set on fire at party on Valentine's Day

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Big pics below.
A lot of us have suffered through rough starts to Valentine's Day over the years -- but an unnamed juvenile's experiences early on February 14 puts bad romance in perspective.

Erick Perez, twenty, and seven others, many of them teenagers, face a potpourri of charges related to allegedly setting the fourteen-year-old victim on fire at a party.

Granted, an arrest affidavit obtained by 9News is filled with conflicting stories about the teen, who was found near the intersection of Federal and Alameda at around 3:30 a.m. on the 14th. Perez claimed that the boy poured lighter fluid on himself and one of the other party goers lit him ablaze -- something he insisted he was too drunk to stop. Another account suggests that Damian Sibayan, eighteen, and Cody Cummings, nineteen, poured the flammable liquid and Perez tried to start the blaze, but his lighter didn't work -- so Sibayan did the deed. Still another argues that the boy doused himself and asked to be lit up.

Judging by the library worth of books thrown in the suspects' direction, Denver Police Department personnel clearly believe a lot of people behaved very, very badly. And even though it's up to the Denver District Attorney's Office to decide on formal charges, that's a pretty safe best.

Look below to see the DPD's account, followed by full-size mug shots of all the suspects:

Denver Police Department release:

Denver Police have arrested eight males on outstanding felony warrants in connection with an aggravated assault and arson case that occurred on February 14, 2011. At about 3:30 a.m. Denver Police received a call reporting a juvenile male acting erratic, possibly in need of medical attention in the area of Federal Boulevard and Alameda Avenue. The juvenile was located and was transported to Children's Hospital for treatment of burns to his upper body. Through further investigation it was discovered that the juvenile had been at a party in the 500 block of South Decatur Street where it is believed he received the burns caused by other individuals at the party.

Denver Police have arrested the following suspects for investigation of the listed crimes:

• Erick Perez (11-27-90) -- Warrant for Attempt 2nd Degree Murder (F3), Child Abuse x2 (F3), Contributing to the Delinquency of a minor (F4), Attempt to Influence a Public Servant (F4), Intimidating a Witness/Victim x2 (F4)

• Damian Sibayan (9-21-92) -- Warrant for Attempt 2nd Degree Murder (F3), Child Abuse x2 (F3)

• Cody Cummings (2-18-92) -- Warrant for Attempt 2nd Degree Murder (F3), Child Abuse x2 (F3), Contributing to the Delinquency of a minor (F4), Intimidating a Witness/Victim (F4), Child Abuse (M1)

• David Ingram (11-21-91) -- Warrant for Attempt 2nd Degree Murder (F3), Child Abuse x2 (F3), Contributing to the Delinquency of a minor (F4), Tampering with Physical Evidence (F6)

• Michael Bellefeuille (6-17-89) -- Child Abuse (F3), Contributing to the Delinquency of a minor (F4), Tampering with a Witness or Victim(F4)

• Joshua Baffo (4-18-91) -- Child Abuse (F3), Child Abuse (M1)

• Robert Freeman (8-5-91) -- Child Abuse (F3)

• Robert Rieneau (12-23-90) At Large -- Child Abuse (F3)

The suspects have all been taken into custody. These cases will be presented to the Denver District Attorney for consideration of formal charges.

Baffo Joshua.jpg
Joshua Baffo.

Bellefeuille Michael.jpg
Michael Bellefeuille.

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Andrew Ribera
Andrew Ribera

i went to school with his brother an i knew erick perez they don't have a dad he can care less about them he's a..hole he tried putting me in jail didn't work but he was a good kid when i knew him 

Warren Woolfolk II
Warren Woolfolk II

What? I know two of them personally, and they wouldn't dream of doing this to a little kid! You are all horrible for wishing something as all as wanting to burn someone. Only a sick person would want them to get burned.


I know michael personally. He would NEVER do that bitches. Seriously, what the fuck? dont talk shit when you dont know the WHOLE story(: The kid wanted to get burned. HE ASKED THEM.thank you(:


i love my boys and my husband... so the boy probly had it camin to him....


i hope they burn i loved the 14 year old he was considered family so they can suck it. plezzz tell the 14 year old i love him. he is my world, they r messed up. even if he wanted to be torched they shudnt have. so they dserve what they got


he wanted the guys to burn him ...then the guys should not be in jail for that...... one them in is my husband and one is my bro

matt gordon
matt gordon

Light those freaks up and see how they like it.

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