Goose pierced by arrow in Washington Park: Fowl shooting doesn't only happen in Denver

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Update below: The Denver Parks and Rec Department has unveiled the final draft of its master plan for Washington Park. The 133-page document calls for things like improving the loop road and moving the parking lots away from Smith Lake. You know what it doesn't call for? Reducing the geese population by shooting them with arrows. Which is what some dumbass did over the weekend.

According to news reports, the injured Canadian goose was discovered yesterday morning. It appears to have been pierced by an arrow through its right side. The tip of the arrow can be seen sticking out of its chest.

Effed up, right? That is, of course, assuming that the goose was shot while in the park. In any case, it seems that Denverites aren't the only ones crazy enough to spear park fowl with arrows. A Google News search turns up two other accounts of goose-piercings -- and that's just in the past two weeks.

Here they are, including one from Colorado Springs:

On February 3, animal rescuers in Georgia finally caught a goose who'd been shot by an arrow after four months of trying to help her. The rescuer who netted her (literally) said he sees the same exact injury three or four times a year. "It gets me angry every time," he told CBS Atlanta.

On January 29, KKTV reported that a goose had been seen wandering around Colorado Springs with an arrow through its body. "The best response is to allow the animal to continue. As long as it can move, eat, function in a semi-normal way or normal way, just let nature take it's course," Michael Seraphin, Division of Wildlife spokesman, told KKTV.

Here's wishing good luck to the pierced goose in Wash Park. Hang in there!

Update, Tuesday, February 15, 10 a.m.: The city parks-and-recreation department has released the following statement about the goose:

Denver Parks and Recreation was troubled to hear of the goose injured in Washington Park this weekend. We have been working closely with the Colorado Division of Wildlife to ensure the safe capture and rehabilitation of the goose. The Colorado Division of Wildlife has assessed that the goose was injured in flight with a bow and arrow. We are reminding citizens that it is illegal to possess or discharge any weapon on park property according to Section 39-9 of the Denver Revised Municipal Code. If any citizen sees an injured goose on any park lake they should not try to rescue the animal themselves. Please contact Denver's 311 and they will assist in dispatching staff to the scene.

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Melanie Asmar
Melanie Asmar

Thanks for catching that, Augiedog19. We'll make the correction!


That would be Duluth, Georgia, not Minnesota. I think you double counted a goose.


Dear Dave Barnes,Given the current research into dinosaurs, there is general agreement they are still alive--with our feathered friends serving as their modern representatives.Who are we to say a given species belongs or does not belong. Is it fair to assume the human species have played a role in bringing species (fowl, fish, flora or fauna) to their "non-native" environments? (A very long discussion. . . )Annoyed as you might be, my hunch is if it wasn't the geese irritating you, you would remain unhappy and find something else to irritate you. I suppose even this pithy response could be your next excuse/distraction. . .Personally, I am so friggin' in love with the geese, it is hard to express my depth of appreciation for their presence; how successfully they keep me present as I rush out the door only to be stopped by their cute waddling butts crossing the street, reminding me to chill, take a breath.The pierced goose serves as yet another example of inner violence projected outward. It is unfortunate the archer could not pierce inwardly.Love Always,Steven


Shooting with an arrow IS stupid as death is not guaranteed.All the geese in Wash Park should be killed.They are not native.They poop everywhere.They are abnormal as they no longer migrate.

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