Grow show highlights the electronic garden: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

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Home & Grow Show Kenny Be Westword Blog Head.jpg
Plug into the great outdoors.

Forget the Colorado Home and Garden Show! As shown above, electronic lifestyle advancements have replaced the potted patio ficus tree with a Wi-Ficus phone-charging tree. Below, the greatest advancement will help growers use outdoor sunshine indoors...

Home & Grow Show Solar Panels.jpg
Solar panel garden.

A back yard that is completely covered in solar panels will need no water, weeding or mowing, The generated energy can be used to power a 36-plant indoor grow room.

As shown below, with the solar panel garden, there will also be enough juice left over for the family to enjoy their favorite indoor activities outdoors...

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fake trees indoor
fake trees indoor

It is all like fiction. If it will happen in real then I am eager to see all this ideas in practice.

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