Jeff Egnor, aka Abu Mybutt: Douglas County lieutenant takes Shmuckery online

Abu Mybutt.
Have you always wondered about the juvenile idiots who post hateful screeds in the comments section of newspapers, TV stations and blogs?

Have you wondered if they were twisted gun nuts living in mountain cabins or douchey frat boys living in their parents' basements? Did you wonder what they looked like?
Now we know. They are public servants taking time out from their jobs.

On Tuesday, Douglas County Sheriff's Office lieutenant Jeff Egnor -- or should we say Lieutenant "Abu Mybutt" -- resigned from his job of thirteen years.

Egnor, who used the Abu Mybutt moniker online, was apparently being investigated by his employer for posting "racial and homophobic" comments on news-outlet websites while on duty, according to a Channel 7 report. His targets included Governor John Hickenlooper, illegal immigrants, liberals and gays in the military.

The news station had asked the sheriff's office for help in tracing the source of the vitriolic comments, which were posted at The sheriff's department spokesman said the comments were traced to Mybutt's office computer.

Some examples of of Mybutt's chose prose include:

"New military slogans: The few, the queer, the Marines! Butt Rangers lead the way!"

"I hear the Army is forming a new division: The Rump Rangers!"

"I have an immigration policy: 12 gauge shotgun!"

"You can take the player out of the hood, but you can't take the hood out of the player!"

And you can't take the Shmuck off the Internet.

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arrow outlet coupon

This information involves a threat of violence to another, or an immediate physical harm to themselves, and expect that you would be written off as an idiot or appreciated as an intelligent.

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Free speech, who needs it anyhoo?!


Kinda soundin' like the goobers are attackin' the messenger, rather than acknowledging that "one of their own" got caught hating on the job.

One thing that stood out particularly to me in this idiots' long list of moronic postings was his referral to "butt rangers", "the few, the queer, the Marines", and "rump rangers".

My hunch is, he's a typical right wing christian conservative coward that never had the intestinal fortitude necessary to enlist in any branch of the United States Military but that talks the toughguy wannabe nonsense infinatum. Even though he never served, he has the temerity and snotnosed gall to slight certain people in uniform, men and women that are keeping his worthless keester safe and snug in his home at night.

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe this egnor creep did serve, but he sure fits the profile of the chickenhawk republican homophobe/racist.

But he has no business whatsoever attacking anyone that loves his/her country enough to serve her..................and like I said earlier, especially if he, like most mouth running conservatives, did not.

Patricia Calhoun
Patricia Calhoun

Stupid, just because we can check URLs doesn't mean we do. We have, on occasion, had discussions with posters about the contents of their comments, which violate our user rules. We have not had discussions with law-enforcement types...

Don't hate me for being stupid
Don't hate me for being stupid

dr. angelface, if you read Shikes's article, and then the underlying facts, it would make perfect sense to you.

Channel 7 investigated to determine the source of Abu Mybutt's postings on its blog, then after tracing those postings to Douglas Co Sheriff's department, they outed the blog poster to the Sheriff's Department as an employee. Then the Sheriff's department performed an internal investigation, discovered the source, and confronted its employee resulting in the resignation (or what would have been a suspension or firing). I'm sure the guy resigned to avoid the public humiliation but that didn't work out too well for him.

There was a time you could say anything on a blog and revert to your baser dumbass, provided it didn't involve a threat of violence to another or immediate physical harm to oneself, and expect that you would be written off as a stupid dumbass or enjoyed as an entertaining or clever dumbass, instead of investigated by the blog host, outed, fired, and publicly humiliated or worse.

Those days are over for Channel 7's blog, and because of it, that blog's days are numbered. Who's next, Westword?

Don't hate me for being stupid
Don't hate me for being stupid

Careful Mr. Shikes. You'd better check with Calhoun before you kill the goose that lays the golden egg..or golden blog posting. This article, or another, would have been a good time to reassure your public bloggers that they won't be outed so that all of their (my) juvenile blog postings won't be traced back to us (me) and publicized under our real names ruining what little life we (I) have. I mean, Midson already disclosed that you check URLs so while the staff at Westword can figure out who we really are, give us a little reassurance that we haven't been fucking ourselves. Please e-mail your reassurance to me at

Don't hate me for being stupid
Don't hate me for being stupid

The guy probably got what he deserved. But on a broader scale, Westword's using of a blog to identify a shmuck has an odd touch of irony when that shmuck was discovered to be a real shmuck (instead of an alias shmuck) by tracing back what he thought was an anonymous blog posting from the alias to the actual, resulting in real consequences for a real shmuck when he thought he was an alias shmuck.

I mean, I know you got some satisfaction over writing "toughguy wannabe nonsense infinatum" (because I just did!), but would you have written it if you had to provide your picture and real full name next to it?

Nobody likes chickenhawk republican homophobe/racists (except other chickenhawk republican homophobe racists), but don't you think your use of the blogosphere would be diminished if you didn't have the completely anonymous opportunity to demonstrate your superiority to them with clever, concise, and direct verbal assaults on their masculinity or mothers, or their mother's masculinity?

Now shut the fuck up.

dr. angelface
dr. angelface

what the fuck?

no, seriously. i was pretty sure i had a handle on reading comprehension until i attempted to parse this screed. it looks like english, it sounds like it *ought* to be english, and yet it magifragically makes no sense.

or maybe it's not me, and and someone ought to hold "stupid" down and make him take his meds.


So your real name is "don't hate me for being stupid"?

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