Jeff Shoemaker is a Wellshire neighborhood icon: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

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Neighborhood Icon #9 of 76: Wellshire.

This icon pictured above was inspired by the signage of a defunct restaurant housed in the clubhouse of a bankrupt country club from which the neighborhood got its name. It's a fitting homage to the regenerative character of Wellshire. This is a neighborhood where residents can turn virtual cesspools back into places of recreational pride. Meet Jeff Shoemaker...

Wellshire Neighborhood Icon Jeff Shoemaker Kenny Be Westword Blog.jpg
Wellshire neighborhood icon Jeff Shoemaker.

Jeff Shoemaker is Executive Director of the Greenway Foundation, the organization that has led efforts to reclaim and conserve the riparian environment of the South Platte River and its tributaries. The Greenway Foundation was started in 1974 by Jeff's father, Joe Shoemaker, and the two men have helped transform the South Platte River from an open sewer lined with garbage to a gurgling greenbelt of enhanced recreational, ecological and economic value.

As a child, Jeff attended Slavens Elementary School, located in the heart of the Wellshire neighborhood. He graduated from Thomas Jefferson High and earned a music degree from the University of Colorado. He was working as a college band leader in Colorado Springs when his dad called him back home to help with Greenway in 1982.

Since then, he has also served as a Colorado State Representative (from 1987-1992), been appointed to the State Board of Agriculture by Governor Bill Owens (1999-2005), and currently heads the Foundation for Colorado State Parks.

In his spare time, Jeff "challenges" himself with golfing, jogging, biking and performing in triathlons. When sitting, Jeff enjoys playing the piano, where he can use music as a form of self-expression and a means for self-renewal. It's the Wellshire way.

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did I say Joe - I meant Jeff


random Wilshire connections ...

my brother caddied there in the 60's

there was a fire that nearly destroyed it during that time.

we went sledding on the hill by the lake and I left a lot of skin there

my mom worked for Leo Goto at the Welshire in the 80's -they hated each other

Joe and I were classmates at Slavens and TJ and graduated the same year.

Kenny Be
Kenny Be

Hi Erick,

Your TJ graduating class has an impressive cast of local luminaries, including Dani Newsum! Although you did nor leave your last name, you were easy to find in the the TJ yearbook. You have a lovely head of hair, then and now.

Thank you for the Wellshire memories. I wish your mom would have written a daily diary about her Wellshire Inn work history. It sounds like she has the definitive story about living in the neighborhood.

Best regards,kenny

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