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With all the medical marijuana centers and related businesses around, ganjapreneurs need access to a sizable workforce -- but where are they going to find those weed workers? is aiming to provide the answer through its new, online database of marijuana-related job postings. Think of it like Craigslist, but with marijuana. Come to think of it, Craigslist has marijuana, too -- so think of like Craigslist, but smaller.

So small, in fact, that save for a new job posting put up today, there haven't been any Colorado-based jobs advertised on the site since the operation first launched a month ago. Still, if people have a hankering to settle down in other marijuana-friendly locales, the additional positions being advertised might be worth a look. But make sure you read between the lines. Like many job ads, a lot of key information is left out of the postings. Here are a few examples:

Male and Female models needed for Marijuana clothing company "420LTD Appare is looking for female and male models to do photoshoots for upcoming website, facebooks profile, flyers, and online catalog. Experience and pro420 is a plus."

What isn't said: Why exactly do you have to be "pro-420" to model T-shirts? Likely because what they really want models to do is squeeze into American-flag bikinis and take bong hits for the camera, or traipse around naked using fistfuls of marijuana leaves to cover their naughty bits. Then, when the photo shoot is done, models shouldn't be surprised to be the target of skeevy advances from the class acts running the show.

Multiple positions available at www.StonersR.Us! "Possibility of paid employment in the future, depending on what you volunteer for and when we can afford to pay. Also maybe for the small things u do that we like... We are currently looking for web developers, forum moderators, content creators, promoters."

What isn't said: Wait, the Internet company is looking for web designers, writers and promoters who will work for free? Or, more accurately, will work for free until they do "the small things u do that we like"? (Once again, we're picturing skeevy advances.) Sorry, but we're not seeing the next Facebook here.

Marijuana Brain Imaging Study: Research participants needed "Do you use marijuana at least three times per week AND hear voices or feel paranoid while using? We are currently seeking volunteers to take part in a positron emission tomography (PET) study."

What isn't said: Fat chance a bunch of paranoid stoners will submit to brain experiments. Especially because most of these folks are likely to believe those experiments are the work of the evil federal government. Even if there are marijuana users who are willing to give the experiment a while, considering everything we've seen on, they should also by ready when the prodding and probing is complete to be the target of skeevy advances.

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I love seeing other cannabis companies capitalizing on this emerging industry like myself although craigslist will probably win over a THC listing site. I work for a company called and we sell weed shirts. 

Boulder Cliche
Boulder Cliche

You're right. When it comes to marijuana jobs, it's what isn't said that blows your mind.

One girl replied to an MMJ-copywriter-needed ad on Craigslist in 2009. She became Boulder's first hearing-impaired budtender, taught medicated yoga in the dispensary, wrote an absurd amount of marijuana-selling (often rhyming) Craigslist ads, and wound up starting an MMJ-and-Mindfulness blog. See (or click "Blog" on the shop's site,

"The target of skeevy advances" abides.


"With all the medical marijuana centers and related businesses around, ganjapreneurs need access to a sizable workforce -- but where are they going to find those weed workers? "

If this was written 2 years ago it would be news. With the rate of MMJ dispensary closures, and legislation and regulation making designed specifically to target and eliminate as many MMJ related businesses as possible, there will be very few job opportunities in MMJ, except for good growers who are willing to go underground to continue providing medicine to those who can afford it.

Concerned for (the) US
Concerned for (the) US

Which is exactly how these people and their 'skeevy advances' will be able to operate. Instead of tax paying, honest, protected citizens, we may just get the opposite because of outdated attitudes, misinformation and lies! Although articles like these help to create more paranoia about Cannabis, cannabis growers, sellers, and workers, they also present the opportunity for dissenting views. Your underground comment is right on Hermit--haven't seen you lately--haha Thank you for your views and to westword for reporting and letting us comment.

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