Medical marijuana: Last-minute MMJ meeting time change causes public comments fight

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Robert Chase.
Why is there an adversarial relationship between some medical marijuana backers and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment? An incident this morning demonstrates why. Because the start time for an MMJ advisory committee meeting underwent a last-minute switch from 9 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., the public comments period was over before several advocates arrived, prompting some bitter exchanges.

At this writing, the online meeting schedule and agenda both list the meeting as getting underway at 8:30 a.m. But according to advocates Timothy Tipton and Kathleen Chippi, the time read "9 a.m." as recently as Monday evening. Tipton notes that a state employee subsequently took responsibility for the confusion, telling him the time had been changed about 48 hours beforehand.

As a result, only two advocates got a chance to speak in the designated public-comments time period, at the CDPHE headquarters building's Sabin Conference Room. But when four others, including Tipton, Chippi and Robert Chase, raised objections, the committee acquiesced, reopening public comments and giving them three minutes apiece to speak. A fifth advocate who showed up sometime later was out of luck, Tipton says.

This situation ratcheted up tension, which came to a boil when Chase interrupted subsequent testimony and was escorted from the meeting by a police officer.

By the way, the main item under discussion today was primary caregiver regulations, and the meeting isn't expected to end until 11:30 a.m. Time will tell if the recommendations made will upset advocates as much as the public-comments snafu did.

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what was this meeting supposed to be able exactly pertaining to primary caregivers?


Robert Chase shows great restraint when you think of the treatment that the CDPHE really deserves. They have obstructed patient rights at every turn in Colorado for the past 10 years. They need to be removed, not Robert Chase!

High Country Caregiver
High Country Caregiver

{Denver} -- House Bill 11-1250 was introduced on Wed., Feb. 9, 2011. Thisbill will outlaw all medicinal cannabis edible products in the state,overturning the licensing scheme for Infused Products Manufacturers thatwas created by the state legislature last year.


Remove Fascist Party members Acree, Balmer, Conti, Joshi, Ramirez, Scott, Renfroe, Harvey, K. King, and Lambert from the Colorado General Assembly immediately! These dangerous criminals are engaged in a conspiracy to violate the supreme law of Colorado. Would it not be more just were the death sentence they would mete out to patients who need to eat medicinal cannabis to fall on their own heads instead?


The subject of the meeting was the attempt to impose regulations on caregivers requiring that they perform duties unrelated to the provision of medicinal cannabis (in order to provide a pretext to arrest them should they not comply -- my gratuitous observation to that effect occasioned my exit).

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