Medical marijuana: Advocates differ about MMJ cleanup bill HB 1043 hearing (PHOTOS)

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Big pics below.
Some very different takes on yesterday's judiciary committee hearing on HB 1043, a medical marijuana bill co-sponsored by Representative Tom Massey and Senator Pat Steadman. Jill Lamoureux, who also weighed in on a contentious health department advisory meeting, doesn't think the bill is highly problematic. As for the Cannabis Therapy Institute's Laura Kriho, she found the session's tone objectionable. Photos below.

1 hb 1043 Patient Joe Beaver waits to testify against the bill.jpg
Courtesy of Cannabis Therapy Institute
Patient Joe Beaver prepares to testify.
Speaking yesterday afternoon, Kriho was upset that none of the nineteen amendments to the bill had been published. "When I asked if there was a copy of anything, they literally laughed at me," she said.

Among the amendments that concerned her, she highlighted an extension of the current MMJ dispensary moratorium to July 1, 2012; the elimination of confidentiality for grow locations; and a requirement for primary caregivers to register with the Department of Revenue and obtain a photo-ID card.

Kriho also considered the behavior of judiciary committee members to be disrespectful to members of the MMJ community -- so much so that she wrote a letter of complaint reproduced below in its entirety.

2 hb 1043 Kyl Marsh testifies against the bill.jpg
Courtesy of Cannabis Therapy Institute
Kyl Marsh prepares to testify.
For her part, Lamoureux prefers to focus on the legislation itself, which has been rewritten to some degree. For instance, a passage that would have made it easier for individuals with past felony convictions to work in the MMJ industry was excised, as was a fix to the so-called 35 day rule, which asks that patients not buy medical marijuana until 35 days after an application is turned in to give the health department time to approve or reject the submission.

More positively from her perspective, the bill equates patient records with other medical records, allows private citizens to create MMJ-related investment vehicles, and allows centers to provide medical marijuana to indigent patients -- although she feels the definition of indigence is currently too narrow.

Her overall take? "I would say we were disappointed that the 35-day rule fix was taken out, but we were happy with the confidentiality measures added to patient records. And without having read the entire, re-engrossed bill, we didn't see anything hugely detrimental to patients and centers.

Moreover, the latest iteration won't necessarily be the final version.

"The bill will go to Appropriations, then it will go to the House floor, and then it will go to the Senate side," she points out. "So there will be many opportunities to try to make changes, mainly adding more patient privacy provisions."

Page down to see more photos from yesterday's session courtesy of the Cannabis Therapy Institute, as well as Kriho's letter to the judiciary committee:

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JOEL, Let's call it as it really is. On the front lines~currently our terminal and indigent patients, even with help legislatively provided, are suffering & in much worst shape than previous to HB1284 and SB109. History will show!


No freaking way will I EVER let law enforcement or the state, for that matter, know the location of my farm. Any attempt to violate my constitutional rights will be met with a legal fight. Come after me and I'll come after you to the extent that I am legally capable.

That being said, how about people who actually know something about cannabis being in charge of this. These people are under the influence of the lies and fear that they actually believe. They are afraid of cannabis out of ignorance. The irony is that cannabis is a benign substance when compared to alcohol which is legal and flows mostly unmonitored.

Does it make sense that I, as an adult, can buy a case of vodka then go home and consume as much as I want - legally? Toxins is what I would be consuming. How many more people have to die??? Meanwhile, all the time this "war on cannabis" has gone on, NO ONE has died of a cannabis overdose. It's insane.

If they want to work on a real problem, how about keeping the kids from their parents pharmaceuticals??? How about keeping kids away from alcohol and tobacco which kills people daily? How about working on the child obesity problem?

Please stop wasting our tax dollars on this needless campaign.


Redwolf: The REAL danger in 11-1043 is the CG registry.

On that note I would like to send out a big THANKS to the owners (I believe) of Kind Love. This is a MMC in Glendale.

This fellow testified at the 11-1043 hearing that the CG registry was a bad idea, and such, because it would hurt people who grow their own in many ways, like violating their privacy and unnecessary zoning, etc..

Thanks Kind Love for looking out for more than your own interests.


I could not agree with you more. Why is it being handed over to the department of Revenue and not the Department of Health and Human services? Money. That is all these politicians are concerned with. They do not have one shred of decency among them all. Personally, I would like to see each of them consume a whole case of vodka so we can get people who care about the patients rights to access to medicine and privacy.

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