Norma Vera-Nolasco so drunk she didn't know she'd hit Jose Medina 'til she got home: Affidavit

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norma vera nolasko mug shot cropped.jpg
Big pics below.
The hit and run that killed Rockstar Lounge valet Jose Medina last month was committed by Norma Vera-Nolasko, according to her arrest affidavit, which is on view below. Accompanying it, and also accessible in their entirety, are probable cause statements pertaining to Eliu Montes-Garcia, Yolonda Bastida-Nolasco and Guadalupe Bastida, who allegedly conspired to cover for Vera-Nolasco, who tried but failed to flee to Mexico.

On the night of the collision, the affidavit states, Vera-Nolasco told Montes-Garcia, the first person to be arrested in the incident, that while behind the wheel of her white pickup, she thought she'd hit something on Lincoln, the street where Medina died, since the side mirror was "dangling." Montes-Garcia, who told police he thought Vera-Nolasco sounded drunk during the conversation, later inspected the truck and saw fresh damage on the front and side of the vehicle.

Another witness told cops Vera-Nolasco maintained that she hadn't known she'd killed anyone until after seeing news reports about the hit and run that featured images of the pickup.

According to his probable cause statement, Montes-Garcia reportedly conceded that he tried to hide the pickup in Commerce City because he was "scared" -- and because Vera-Nolasco had asked him to do so. And the probable cause statements related to Guadalupe Bastida and Yolonda Bastida-Nolasco tell the tale of the attempted escape.

Officers allegedly saw Bastida, Vera-Nolasco's half brother, throw out a white plastic bag containing the pickup's registration and other documents showing that she lived in the Denver area. As for Bastida-Nolasco, she initially claimed not to know Vera-Nolasco -- but her probable cause statement says she later admitted to driving her to Denver International Airport, buying a ticket to Mexico City on her Visa card, and giving Vera-Nolasco her ID.

In the end, Vera-Nolasco only got as far as Arizona before being taken into custody -- and the three people who assisted her are facing serious charges. All four are reportedly in the U.S. illegally.

Vera-Nolasco's photo is immediately below. Page down to see booking shots of the other suspects, as well as the aforementioned affidavit and probable cause statements, plus original releases from the Denver Police Department:

norma vera nolasko mug shot.jpg
Norma Vera-Nolasko.

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