Phillip Abernathy & Connor Greenwall: Teens allegedly just old enough to distribute child porn

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Big pics below.
There's something more than a little creepy about suspects barely beyond childhood accused of distributing child pornography. But that's what the Douglas County Sheriff's Office accuses Phillip Abernathy and Connor Greenwall of doing in separate cases.

Below, see full size booking photos and a DCSO release with more details.

Douglas County Sheriff's Office release:

Two Douglas County Teens Arrested for Distribution of Child Pornography

DOUGLAS COUNTY: The Douglas County Sheriff's Office has arrested two Douglas County teenagers for distributing child pornography. Although the incidents are completely unrelated, both cases have similarities.

The investigation into each case started in December 2010 on different dates. The Douglas County Sheriff's Office Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) unit began investigating two cases of online distribution of child pornography via peer-to-peer networks in Colorado. The separate investigations lead to different locations in Douglas County; one in Castle Rock and one in Highlands Ranch. On February 9, 2011, search warrants were served at both residences and numerous computers were recovered. In each case an eighteen year old male suspect was arrested.

Eighteen year old Phillip Abernathy of Castle Rock is in custody on a $40,000 bond for Sexual Exploitation of Children reference case number 2010-119086. Eighteen year old Connor Greenwall of Highlands Ranch has been released on a $40,000 bond for Sexual Exploitation of Children reference case number 2010-119088.

Both cases are on-going and no further information is available at this time.

Connor Greenwall.

Connor Abernathy.
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What is creepy is a society that imagines that the conduct of Douglas County deputies and prosecutors in this instance serves some useful purpose. We have codified the lie that the distribution of child pornography constitutes the sexual exploitation of children in statute, so we have to find the money to go after kids like these as though they were murderers instead. We can keep child pornography illegal without resorting to the idiocies which we have made our Law.

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