Reader: Scott Gessler was honest about his inability to live on $68,000 Sec. of State salary

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Our own Jonathan Shikes named Secretary of State Scott Gessler Shmuck of the Week in part for deciding after being elected that he couldn't live on the office's $68,000 salary. Plenty of commenters seemed to agree with this designation. But one reader offered a defense of Gessler's honesty and warned against backlash repercussions.

Harvie writes:

Apparently Jonathan Shikes would like to limit candidates for SOS to those who would be delighted to earn 68,000/year?

Gessler did the right thing by announcing his intentions and checking with the AG.

I'd rather Gessler work full time for us but he doesn't deserve these snide comments.

Also, elections have been starved for money in CO and bad decisions are being made just to save money. The SOS should reserve its budget to pay for election oversight.

It is unbelievable how oversight of elections has slid in the past few cycles.

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I'd rather Gessler work full time for us but he doesn't deserve these snide comments.

Deciding that a job does not pay enough after you are elected is very poor form. When someone voluntarily enter the public sphere and complains that a job which pays a pretty good salary is not adequate, then I believe that person isn't right for that job. He should step down and someone else should be selected who won't whine and do the job. Personally, I would take the job today and not complain one bit about the salary.

What happened to 'public service' and the duty and honor of doing something for the people even if the pay isn't as much as one would like. He needs to grow up suck it up and deal with it just like every one else in this economy.

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