Reader: Most women would notice if someone like Anthony Garcia put semen in their yogurt

anthony garcia mug shot cropped.JPG
Our post about allegations that Anthony Garcia put semen in a woman's yogurt has prompted readers to post some of the grossest jokes ever, as well as prompting questions about whether most females could recognize the flavor of this extra ingredient. Answering that query is Brittanie Shey, who just happens to be the web editor of our sister paper, the Houston Press.

Brittanie Shey writes:

Because, believe it or not, most women have given at least one blow job in their life. It's a pretty distinctive taste.

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Um, is the punchline "so an editor in Houston uses bad grammar, and an editor in Denver doesn't know the difference"?

Take notes, kids: "Most women have" lives, not a shared "life."

Brittanie Shey
Brittanie Shey

I like to fly free and loose when posting comments on the internet. It's fun. You should try it sometime.


No worries, Brittanie. I should have realized a women who talks about what semen tastes like on the Internet, where her children can look forward to finding it someday, has few concerns about standards. Similarly, you would think the "their" before "life" would have tipped you off to something askew in the very next word. The lesson learned twice today: We should all pay a little more attention to what we're dealing with..

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