Reader: Seth Meyers's joke about about mobile medical marijuana program untrue, unfunny

Seth Meyers.
Yesterday, we posted about a Saturday Night Live gag on Weekend Update, hosted by Seth Meyers, which attempted to satirize Medical Marijuana Assistance Program of the Rockies' mobile MMJ program.

Was the bit hilarious? At least one commenter thinks not.

Robert writes:

I hope that the exposure is good for MMAPR, but the joke is on SNL's audience. The so-called joke really represents the dead weight of societal misunderstanding of cannabis, which manifests itself as dismissiveness of the import of our policies regarding it. The joke is really a communication from the young, not-so-progressive Mr. Meyers to the effect that MMAPR is a ruse to distribute cannabis -- not true and not funny.

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mobile medical
mobile medical

 I think I agree with that, it's not funny though its only a joke. Mobile medical really helps in medical transactions and let us be thankful as the technology evolves as so as the medical facilities.


Wow, now there's frigg'in buzz-kill rigtht there! Or should I say the lessening of the euphoric feeling of being somewhat quasi legally smoking or otherwise inputting medicine into ones body which of course caused the euphoric feeling in the first place? Chill out mon and enjoy a good ruse. (O intended)

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