Timothy Gonzales, who moved into man's house and boxer shorts, also sentenced for sex assaults

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Big pics below.
Timothy Gonzales made news in November 2009 after being found in a guy's house wearing the owner's boxer shorts -- hahahahahaha! So why the holy hell was he sentenced this week to 28 years in prison?

For some very good reasons -- including sexually assaulting two teenagers.

Gonzales's newsmaking crime was considerably more benign, at least on the surface. A house in Golden was up for sale, but the homeowner was still living in it -- not that Gonzales seemed to mind. When a realtor showed up one day and found him ensconced in the place, she didn't think much of it, since he appeared to belong there. But a week or so later, the real owner showed up to find someone else's car in his garage -- and someone else's ass in his boxer shorts.

The owner reportedly pulled a handgun on Gonzales, who didn't believe the weapon was real -- until the owner fired off a warning shot, that is. Cops arrived shortly thereafter, at which point they discovered just how comfortable Gonzales had made himself. A load of laundry was in the wash, beer was in the refrigerator, and meth was on the counter.

Sounds like fun for the whole family!

Turns out, though, that Gonzales already had some decidedly less amusing offenses on his criminal record, including forgery, possession of a controlled substance, identity theft and parole violations. And to make matters infinitely worse, he allegedly committed two sexual assaults while out on bond following his adventure in home usurpation -- one on a relative, age sixteen, and another on a fourteen-year-old friend of his sister.

Suddenly, that 28-year sentence doesn't seem so excessive after all.

Look below to see several booking photos of Gonzales, as well as a Jefferson County District Attorney's Office release about his sentencing and the original Golden Police Department info pertaining to the boxer-shorts bust.

Timothy Gonzales.jpg
Timothy Gonzales.
Jefferson County District Attorney's Office release:

Man Sentenced for "Boxer Shorts Burglary" plus other Felonies

A 26-year-old Golden man was sentenced [Monday] to 28 years in prison for five felony convictions dating back to 2003.

Timothy Paul Gonzales, may be best remembered for his arrest in Golden in November 2009. The homeowner at 1277 Mesa Court came home to find a strange car in his garage. When he went inside the house he found several things out of place. He took a handgun out of his nightstand and began calling out to see if anyone was there. Gonzales came down the stairs and confronted the homeowner wearing only a new pair of boxer shorts that belonged to the homeowner.

Golden Police arrived shortly and took Gonzales into custody. They found that Gonzales had been doing a load of laundry and had stored beer in the refrigerator at the home. Gonzales also left a bag of methamphetamine and some other pills on the counter.
The house at 1277 Mesa Court was for sale at the time of the burglary, but the homeowner still lived there. On November 9, 2009 a realtor was showing the house. Gonzales walked in and acted like it was his house. She (the realtor) left him in the house and he made himself at home.

Gonzales was on Intensive Supervision Probation in two separate cases at the time he committed the burglary. In 2005 he was convicted of Forgery and Possession of Controlled Substance and was sentenced to five years probation. Gonzales reoffended and his probation was revoked. He was re-sentenced to Intensive Supervision Probation. In 2008 he was convicted of Trespassing and Identity Theft and sentenced to six years Intensive Supervision Probation. While Gonzales was out on bond in the Golden burglary, he committed two sexual assaults. One victim was a 16-year-old relative, the other was a 14-year-old friend of his sister.

At sentencing on January 31, Gonzales faced a range of from 8 to 64 years in prison. Prosecutors asked that he be sentenced in the 40-year range. District Judge Brooke Jackson sentenced Gonzales to a total of 28 years: six years in prison for each sexual assault case; 10 years prison for the 2009 burglary; he was also resentenced to five years in prison for the 2008 ID Theft; and one year in prison for the 2005 forgery. The court ordered all sentences to be served consecutively. He also has a mandatory parole period of five years. When Gonzales paroles he will be required to register as a sex offender.

Golden Police Department booking photos of Gonzales after the boxer-shorts bust.
Original Golden Police Department release:

Homeowner nabs burglar

Golden, Colo. -- Date, November 16, 2009 -- On Nov. 09, 2009 Golden Police responded to a private residence in the 1200 block of Mesa Court for a reported Burglary in Progress, where shots were fired. On arrival they found the owner holding a male suspect at gunpoint.

The homeowner told police he returned home around 5:00 p.m. on November 09, 2009. When he opened his garage door he found that there was a white Lexus ES300 parked in his garage. He entered his home and went to the master bedroom. The home owner noticed that several items were out of place. He retrieved his hand gun and loaded it. He left his bedroom and entered the main living room, calling out as he walked. To his surprise a male voice answered. He looked upstairs and saw a male standing there wearing only a pair of boxers, belonging to the home owner. The homeowner ordered the man out of his house and showed the suspect his gun. The man argued with the homeowner, claiming the homeowner`s gun was not real. When the suspect moved aggressively toward him, the homeowner fired a warning shot, purposely away from the suspect. Police arrived a short time later.

The investigation revealed that the suspect, 24-year old Timothy P. Gonzales, had been in the residence most of the day. He showered, did his laundry and placed his own items in the refrigerator. Police also discovered materials commonly used to make methamphetamine on the work bench in the garage.

Through continued investigative interviews it was learned that Gonzales actually represented himself as the home owner when two real estate agents and their clients came to the residence for a home showing. The home is for sale.

The suspect is Timothy P. Gonzales, 12/25/1984 of Golden.

Gonzales was booked into the Jefferson County jail for burglary, possession of burglary tools and drug violations.

The Jefferson County District Attorney`s office will consider further charges.

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I want to take a minute to clarify what Gloria55 (previous post) was trying to say. I have personally known "The Bad Man" Timothy since he was eight years old. Our families shared holidays, vacations and best of all, midget football games, where they started as little champions and then grew into bigger champions. Timothy got good grades was a talented artist and was a delightful kid to be around. He had a bright future ahead, it seemed. Timothy's parents were children when he was born. He was raised by his grandparents, who I believe did the best that they could under the circumstances. He was able to visit his Dad frequently. The problem was that his Dad was now married to and had a daughter with the Devil herself, a woman with no morals or values or self respect. I believe she did things to Timothy that would classify her as a sex offender. Meth began to play a major role in their life, it was their life. We were all using it. One day I went to their house and the usual rif raf were there getting high smoking meth or injecting it or whatever. But today, to my surprise, Timothy was there too, getting high with everyone. I was shocked! I thought that was an imaginary line that we just didn't cross. "Getting high with our kids" I couldn't do it. I pulled Timothy aside and asked him,"why after everything this drug has done to your parents and the rest of us, why would you try it?" He replied, " I just wanted to know what was more important than me". That broke my heart, it also helped me to see a real reason to make a change in my life, for my kids. Timothy wasn't that fortunate, his parents didn't try to help him, they wouldn't even help themselves.All of the crimes committed were committed by METH, not by Timothy. You can't understand unless you've been or are there. These people know what I mean. In some people it seems to alter their morals and values. Society just gives up on them, calling them a "Bad Man" People need help to fight this addiction. The current methods don't work!!! What Tim did was definitely wrong. However, there is much much more to the so called sexual assault on his relative and friend. His sentence is sickening and the judge and D.A. should be ashamed of themselves. Where was the protection for Timothy from his weak father and perverted stepmother. Who did his P.S.I? (pre sentence investigation) Timothy, if there is a way to help you, I will find it. I promise you that. If there is a way to make your stepmother pay, I will I swear. You know who this is and I love you Tim. You are not alone or forgotten. A.


His nt a bad hes just trouble. And the relative is nt wat u think she is. She is trouble as well. He may have charges bt he is a good man. 8 -64 years that is so not kool.


He's a bad man, no doubt, but from now on I suggest including the estimated cost to incarcerate all these bad people along with their sentences. Estimating these costs is problematic; most convicts do not serve their full sentences, but the present cost of imprisoning a Coloradan is ~$30,000 per annum, and this is certain to climb, so multiplying sentences by $30,000 might be indicative of taxpayers' liability. The report of Mr. Gonzalez' sentencing would then read: "A 26-year-old Golden man was sentenced [Monday] to 28 years in prison for five felony convictions dating back to 2003; the People are committed to spending about $840,000 for the purpose".

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