Urban explorers invade remains of Denver's Stapleton International Airport

urban explorers stapleton development hardhats image cropped.JPG
Big pics below.
Urban explorers are everywhere these days.

They're breaking into abandoned buildings like the Gates Rubber Company, where a teenage girl fell through the roof this past weekend and wound up badly injured. In steam and transportation tunnels under the city. At old missile silos. And definitely at what's left of Stapleton International Airport.

This week, demolition started on the old parking garage at Stapleton, on land that will one day become a housing project. That leaves little above ground beyond the old control tower, which is going to stay as a landmark, but has yet to find any other purpose.

Except, perhaps, as an object to explore? After I wrote about the Gates accident, I received copies of the photos below and a note that the urban exploration will continue.

urban explorers image 2.JPG

urban explorers stapleton development hardhats.JPG
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Paisley is a Manatee in the urban exploration world.


You have absolutely no idea what your talking about. I invite you to please do your research and maybe talk to a few people before making such statements.


I take umbrage at the fact that you refer to urban explorers as people who "break in." This is a common misnomer that a respectable media organization should avoid. I ask you to call your local police department to inquire how many urban explorers have been caught with burglary tools or who were apprehended while using forcible entry. If you cannot find any examples, then please use the correct language: Urban explorers SNEAK into places. Out of the decade I've been exploring, I've never had to BREAK into a single location. The copper thieves and punk taggers seem to do that well enough before us.

Uer Ca
Uer Ca

Oh what the hell. A lil MUCH

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