Valentine vandals reveal romantic commitment through crime: Kenny Be's Sign Language

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Rober Y Pango Denver Vantine Love Couples Kenny Be Westword Blog.jpg
Rober y Pango share a temporary love in College View.

It is an established fact that love makes people act like fools. If the goo-goo eyes and baby talk weren't enough, fools in love often feel the need to broadcast their idiocy to others. The tools they use and the location of the valentine vandalism reveal much about a valentine vandals romantic commitment...

The hastily spray-painted caricatures on the plywood window covering above seems to suggest that Rober and Pango's relationship may be a temporary solution to a sudden problem. That the panel covers a wall opening intimates that the couple cannot clearly see that they paired quickly to patch feelings of emptiness and neglect.

The valentine vandalism shown below was scrawled onto the support mast of the 16th Street pedestrian bridge that crosses the South Platte River. The special hand position required to use a ball-point pen on a vertical surface suggests that the success of this coupling will always require extra effort. The placement on a high-traffic pedestrian suspension bridge also implies that this love will also require the validation of an endless parade of strangers at swinger's clubs.

M Heart H 4Ever Union Station Denver Valentines Kenny Be Westword Blog.jpg
The love of M and H is based on ball-points and poles.

Below, for lovers who like to get trashed...

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